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Summer is upon us, let’s take action! Let’s come together and do something different than usual and support a first of it’s kind, history making launch with Sounds Like A Plan Promotions (SLAP), TvSnackFilms, and Urban Buzz Magazine in the downtown parts of Atlanta. Make sure you stay tunes in since the official SLAP launch date is still TBA (To BE Announced).

Sounds Like A Plan Promotions (SLAP) is a new,all-in-one Promotional and Marketing Company founded in 2015 for the new generation, up and coming business man and woman providing services on a large scale to globalize a brand like never BEfore. Our clients include: TvSnackFilms and Urban Buzz Magazine. TvSnackFilms is an up and coming Production Company with the slogan “where all things are new,” presenting 25 major brand first ever in the world commercial jingle demos such as: Red Bull, Adidas Soccer, MayBElline, GoPro BE a Hero, Cole Haan and Nike just to name a few. And to top it off, Urban Buzz Magazine presents WKPS (Where Key Players Speak), one of the hottest online gospel radio stations located in the Bronx, providing interviews with major key players in the industry and generating up to 10 million listeners per month!

SLAP Promotions provides live performances, street teams, give-a-ways, interviews and many tangible promotional materials, moving billboards and much more to maximize and establish a more one on one connection with individuals creating a personal touch to complement our online presence.

We BElieve in bringing back the modern version of peer to peer interaction and word of mouth by marketing brands and offering audiences a much more visible existence!

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Check out Slappromo.com for a list of services needed and please BE sure to share with your network!

SLAP Contact Information

Facebook : Sounds Like A Plan Promotions LLC

Twitter : Slap Promotions

Instagram : Slap Promotions

YouTube : Slap Promotions

LinkedIn : Jasmine Martin

Website : Slappromo.com
Email : SoundsLikeAPlanPromotions@gmail.com


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