Talib Kweli Rocked The FAME Festival in the Hamptons

The Hamptons will probably never BE the same after rapper/DJ Talib Kweli rocked the 1st Annual F.A.M.E. Festival yesterday, a day full of partying for a purpose.

The Hip Hop Legend rocked the ones & twos as guests ate, drank, @ partied the entire day away alongside the ‘21′ Club Estate which sits BEautifully in the Hamptons Bay Area.

Let me run down exactly how D.Leeks & the New York Needs You BEnefit committee put on for the city….top shelf open bar all day, all the food you could want (ribs, BBQ, tacos, grilled fish, fresh fruit, chips & dip, salad, and lots more), live entertainment (the saxophonist completely ripped his set & provided a real unique experience…sort of like where South BEach meets the Hamptons), swimming, and a BEach front view that left everybody with a lasting expression.

Special thanks to the homie D.Leeks of Street Executives & to team Nikki Walker PR for making sure the BE Team were taken care of from ATL to NY! Nikki Walker PR (Nikki Walker & Lola Sims) shuttled media over to the estate in a fly #PressBus full of turnt up energy, dancing, contests, & giveaways!

Check out some pics from the NWPR Press Bus & from The F.A.M.E. Festival BElow…

8 Replies to “Talib Kweli Rocked The FAME Festival in the Hamptons”

  1. As with any first event, there will always be hiccups but what this article fails to mention is the over 100+ paid guests who were left stranded in Manhattan after the designated shuttle service failed to arrive. I have already contacted my credit card company and disputed this charge, which is unfortunate because this was supposed to be a day of celebration for a good cause. I encourage the organizers to do better next time – think logistics and service orientation. The amount of effort that goes into preparation correlates to the response you can expect in return. Fail.

    1. I was brought in to cover the party, which I did from a press standpoint. With that BEing the case, the publicists for the event made sure they kept their part for us memBErs of the press & that was done. Our party shuttle (while a little late) came and got all of us there & back. I wasn’t there for anyone BEing stranded or that would have made the article. I also made sure I gathered a pretty good consensus of who enjoyed & the bulk of the crowd seemed to enjoy the actual event so I chose not to harp on the few incidents I saw & instead provide a classy account…it was the HAMPTONS and that’s huge for a lil boy from Milwaukee/Atlanta! Thanks for sharing your account as well! Let us BE your outlet! I’ll make sure some of ppl involved see your comments.

    2. I second that. I was one of the 100+ and waited on a corner in NY for two hours while press was ushered onto a bus in front of paying guests. This article should accurately reflect the entire experience, which for a large portion of ticket holders, was poor. I am also currently disputing the charge with my credit card. The committee members weren’t even available to answer questions. I’ve been to several parties in the Hamptons that were nicely managed and ensured all involved -press and paying customers – had a great experience. This was poorly managed.You’d think the organizers would’ve put more time into ensuring the start of the experience went just as well as the experience on the ground. This left a very bad taste in my mouth and I urge everyone to be cautious about attending another event hosted by this group.

      1. I can’t really cover an aspect that I’m not a part of. I figured that there was an issue with the bus, however, I know the publicists for the event, and they paid for a specific bus to charter press over & that’s what was granted. The publicist & the promoters are two different entities with two very different roles in the process. Your issue seems to BE with the promoters & seems to BE a very valid issue. I can assure you though that the publicity team in no way tried to snub anyone…they didn’t even ride on the bus that they paid for in lieu of getting all of their confirmed media there. I only wish the promoters would have went above & BEyond for you guys like they did for us. Take care.

  2. I plan to follow up with the promoters. I work for a global pr firm and if any consumers were posting issues about one of my clients it would also be my job to help resolve on behalf of my client – not just manage press.

    1. I definitely suggest that. There were several publicists that played different roles in the event. The publicity team that I’m speaking out was brought on to bring press out & to get the word spread about the event Pre & post event. That’s where their responsibility BEgan & ended. Even tho I saw them personally speaking to people that weren’t press & directing them to speak to the promoters or whatever connection sent them. She even tried to reach her client (which is one of the committee memBErs) & was successful in doing so.

  3. I was very dissapointed. They wasted my day. I spent the who day waiting for the shuttle that never came. There was over 100+ of us waiting. We paid for everything in advance and were left waiting for a shuttle that came and only took the press and left us paying guests waiting. There was no one to attend to furious guests. All we were told was a bus would come in 20 minutes and nothing ever showed up. We hope you do a better job organizing the party next time, specifically ont he transport. We all had bought our tickets for the shuttle and the party in advance and we showed up on time to be picked up.

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