Tay Tay aka lilslugz

Rapper Tay Tay aka “lilslugz” is an artist BE Magazine kind of came to know through the Almost Famous Show, even though we actually heard about Tay Tay’s musical skills after his performance in Atlanta where he recently was on the same BMI Showcase bill as R&B singer Nivea. It must feel good to sit next to those that some already consider a prominent artist, especially when you’re on the verge of BEing Up Next!

Tay Tay hails from North Carolina, but has the industry savvy, thirst, & drive to make sure that his movement extends BEyond the North Carolina border to hit all the southern markets, primarily Atlanta, Georgia due to the ATL currently holding the reigning Black Music Mecca title.

Tay Tay was a special invited guest to BE Mag’s Issue XVII Press Day after we got word of how he commanded the audience the prior week. Along with the Almost Famous stamp, I honestly heard excellent reviews from his recent ATL perfomance. He walked in a seemingly quiet artist (who I might have mistaken for an early Soulja Boy based of first sight), but after talking to him about his deeply engrained love for music, he quickly began to open up and showcase the obvious energy that won over the crowd at “Feng Shui”. We got the chance to sit down & discuss his plan for making a deep impact on the industry, along with his roots as 1/2 memBEr of the group Blood Bruthas, which consists of him & his actual blood brother. Both Blood Bothas & Tay Tay both work under Liquor House Records & Young Boy Inc.

Tay Tay is gearing up for his single “BEen Around the World” ft. Geno to hit iTunes along with another single “I’m the Sh@#” that he plans to push at the same time. He has a nice following on DatPiff.com, which is where we got the 1st chance to actually hear lilslugz spit.

Check out his mixtape ‘Real Sh%t’ on dattpiff & make sure you’re one of the first on iTunes to purchase both singles he’s working. http://www.datpiff.com/Liquor_House_Records_Young_Boy_Inc_TayTay_aka_li.m104201.html


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