Teairra Mari – Got Herself a Sponsor

We love when we encounter an artist whose raw talent parallels their pleasant spirit & natural grind. Singer Teairra Mari seals the deal when it comes to BEing a musical magnetic force that fans continue to love. Her angelic voice could BE a leading factor in her relevance throughout many haitus’ within her career, but Mari doesn’t rely on pure talent for make it in the game.

Teairra Mari could definitely BE the poster child for second chances & plans to take advantage of the opportunity to live out her dreams of BEing R&B royalty. Teairra’s well on her way following the release of her latest single “Sponsor” ft. Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy.

BE Magazine got the chance to follow up with Teairra and get the scoop on her new album, her rocky career road, & of course the single that has the radio & tv going wild.

BE Magazine: We are sitting on the line with a phenomenal talent that’s teaching everybody the importance of getting that sponsorship package right. What’s going on Teairra Mari? You’ve got the world going crazy with your new single “Sponsor”

Teairra Mari: Oh you’re so kind for that intro. Yeah…I’ve actually witnessed people going crazy over the song, so it feels good to get that love & to be working.

BE-Mag: So what’s up, what’s new in your world? The last time we talked was when you were here for the VIBE Sessions last year.

TM: I have a new album dropping in the spring called “At That Point”. I also have a movie that dropping called the “Lottery Ticket” with Bow Bow, Ice Cube, and bunch of other talented actors and actresses.

BE-Mag: So tell the readers more about your new album.

TM: It’s got a sassy street edge, but I’m still delivering sex appeal on there showing that I’ve grown up into a woman & that I’m comfortable with my sexuality. I can be a little street, but classy. The album has features from Flo-Rida, Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Pleasure P, and Rick Ross.

BE-Mag: The ladies seem to be taking off now that Nicki Minaj hit the scene.

TM: Uh…ok yeah (and there’s a silent moment), but the ladies have been doing their thing all along. You’ve still got the Lil Kims, Mary J. Blige, etc. All these years, there’s always a new group of ladies doing there thing so…

BE-Mag: Tell me the means behind “Sponsor”. You even have the dudes bumping to it.

TM: Yeah, when I first heard the track, I knew the dudes would be bumping to it. I pictured it beating & banging in Caddys, Old school cars, Range Rovers, or whatever. I pictured beats knocking & when I heard the lyrics, because actually a guy out of Atlanta named Zeke wrote & produced the song. When I heard it, it just reminded me of my college friends that always say they need help. So I was like, ok, they need sponsors. I liked it because it didn’t say “sugar daddy” so it could be vice versa, for a man or woman. I always tell people that anybody can be your sponsor. It could be your job, or anywhere you’re getting your money from. Mines is Warner Bros; yours may be McDonalds, or if it’s your boyfriend ain’t nothing wrong with it. Where ever you get your coins from, that’s your sponsor.

BE-Mag: You’ve been infiltrating the game for a minute now. What’s the biggest lessons you’ve learned?

TM: To be on my business & to be about my business. Have fun & enjoy my work, but definitely be aware of what’s going on with my business. I started off so young that in the beginning, I had everybody holding my hand that I didn’t know anything that was going on with my business. Also, the people around me…my team is what makes the difference of where my career takes me. So those are two of the biggest lessons I’ve learned. In this business, you learn a lesson everyday…or I try to at least.

BE-Mag: So many times we hear the negative revolving around artists’ careers & how badly their labels are doing them. Can you tell us some of the fun parts about being an entertainer?

TM: It’s just fun to be working doing what you love to do. I love to get on stage, that’s fun. I love to record to the crack of dawn; that’s fun for me. You know, if those things aren’t fun for you, then this probably isn’t the right profession for you. I like to do photo shoots, shoot videos, getting dressed up with make up & hair. All those things I love about the job. I really love everything besides the grimey part, and even that I have a love-hate relationship with because that’s just how it’s going to be in this business.

BE-Mag: So tell me about your Twitter campaign. You’re HUGE on Twitter.


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