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BEing the Editor-In-Chief of a digital lifestyle magazine has it’s definite set perks, but what really sticks out for me, is the unseen BEnefits, like meeting young superstars-in-the-making like Sionne Marie Trufant. I first met Sionne Marie while doing my very 1st reading of My Adventure to Safety, my children’s book about Hurricane Katrina. Sionne and her family were among the listeners & it was obvious that this girl had something fresh & different; she certainly wasn’t the average teenager.

A couple of years later,

It’s evident that Sionne is a BIG dreamer, and doesn’t mind stepping her New Orleans foot in any venture that she sees fit, including her most recent project The 411 with Sionne Marie, an internet radio show for teenagers like herself. She’s extra excited to jump head (or voice) first into the radio market, and wants to let the readers know the 411 on it!

BE Magazine: Introduce yourself to the readers and tell them a little about yourself.

Sionne Marie: Hi everyone, I am Sionne Marie. I’m a junior at Tech High School. I am from New Orleans, Louisiana, moved to GA five years ago. I love writing, shopping, and having fun with my family and friends.

BE Mag: When did you BEgin wanting to BE a journalist?

Sionne Marie: It started when I was young. At first I was just playing around with my writing. You know, just writing little poems, and writing little stories. It wasn’t until my 10th grade year at Tech High where i started to realize this is what i want to do. During that year, I BEcame an intern for BE Mag, and joined the Journalism club at school.  I realized that this is what I have a passion for.

BE Mag: What made you want to get into journalism?

Sionne Marie: I would have to say listening to my teacher Journalism teacher, Mrs. Asante, and my mentor J. Write. They both encouraged me to go out into the world and ask questions and write. They taught me that being a journalist is all about asking what you really want to know, looking beyond the obvious. And being the person I am, I want to know EVERYTHING. Lol.

BE Mag: Tell me about your upcoming radio show. What do you plan to achieve by having your own show?

Sionne Marie: Wow! This is a big step for me. Um, I plan to accomplish so much with this radio show. Of course it will be  plain and simple, starting off small, you know. My brother DJ B-EZ will be right there with me mixing the tunes up. The show will definitely make you laugh. I plan on interviewing a lot of artists on the show. From kids to adults, anyone with any talent is welcome.  I would like to use this opportunity to sharpen my skills as a journalist. The show premiers on Friday, August 27th at 9:00PM EST so please EVERYONE listen and tune in!

BE Mag: What’s been your favorite part about being a journalist so far?

Sionne Marie: Lets see, my favorite part so far would probably be the personal interviews and photo shoots. To have the opportunity to interview the stars and see them be themselves during photo shoots is amazing. I love it. Of course sometimes I have to control myself and not come out as just another screaming fan.

BE Mag: If you could meet any entertainer who would it be and why?
Sionne Marie: Well, that’s an easy one. CHRIS BROWN of course. He is so AMAZING, I love him. I think he has a wonderful voice, and his dancing is unbelievable. Lets not forget he is a total HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!

BE Mag: How can fans learn more about you and your radio show? (facebook, twitter, the show’s web address, etc)

Sionne Marie: They can check out my website:
My twitter:
My facebook:

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