The Abercrombie Body: The How to Guide

As the summer progresses and the heat waves beat down on our
bodies, what a nice way to create even more “HOTness” by ripping off
your shirt to reveal some chiseled abs and bulging biceps. I’m not even that
‘cutup’ but I don’t like to see my body with layers of unhealthy masses or
flab. For our readers with the same idea of body image or those that are trying
to get in shape, here is some great tips from an industry leader on sexy male
models and masculine physiques. Abercrombie & Fitch has gained millions of
customers and introduced the industry to some of the best bodies & with
ideas of what is to be fit and sexy. Many trainers are asked more offten than
not, “what is a good workout” or “how do I get the Abercrombie
body?” Well BE-Men, here is your the answer….

The abercrombie workout is a specialized fitness program
thats broken down into 4 distinct parts the workout guide, the cardio guide,
the diet guide, and the supplement guide. The problem with most programs is
that they only rely on one of these things, either a diet, a workout plan, or
just taking a few supplements. The key to building that male fitness model
physique is to use all three of these things together. This is because these
parts all work together synergistically, meaning that when used together they
increase the effectiveness each other……….

The abercrombie model workout is broken down into 3 distinct

• The Muscle Prep Phase

Build a solid amount of strength and muscle

Length: 1 Month

The first phase of the abercrombie model workout is the
“Muscle Prep” phase. The “Muscle Prep” phase is a short
one-month workout program designed to build a solid muscle and strength base.
If you already have a solid base from being on a current workout routine, this
phase can be skipped and you can move on to the Mass Building Phase. However,
if you haven’t been working out consistently for at least a month, it’s best to
complete this stage of the workout before moving on……..

• The Muscle Building Phase

Goal: Build as much muscle mass as possible

Length: 2 Months

The second phase of the abercrombie workout is the
muscle-building phase. This phase consists of a two month program that
maximizes muscle growth through heavy-weight, low repetition training and
increased caloric intake.

Unlike phase one, the muscle building phase is broken down
into a three day split. A three day split requires the user to lift weights
three days a week, ideally Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Why only 3 days?
Again, this is because muscle doesn’t grow while your working out, but rather
while your recovering. By spending 4 days a week recovering, the body is able
to maximize its recovery following an intense workout. By having this extra
recovery time we’re able to make the largest possible size and strength gains.

• The Fat Loss Phase

Goal: To burn off excess body fat

Length: 2 Months

The third phase of the abercrombie workout is designed to
complete the transformation by burning off your body’s excess body fat. This
phase by and large results in the most drastic change from any of the phases.
This phase combines a weight training program that focuses on hardening and
defining the muscles with a cardio program based around high intensity interval
training (HIIT) which can be up to 5 times as effective as regular cardio
routines. These two training programs work synergistically resulting in a hard,
toned body just like the abercrombie and fitness models you see in magazines
and television.

Please refer to for the complete workout plan by the Abercrombie Body sculptors.


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