The American Dream: Terius Nash

As of press time (1/18/09) The-Dream’s new album LOVE vs. MONEY will hit store shelves March 3rd. The-Dream feeling festive

So What?

In case you didn’t know, Terius Nash is the new face of music. That’s what.

I know. I know. Everybody in every magazine and/or website is touted as “the new face of [insert genre here].”

But have you heard Love Me All Summer/Hate Me All Winter? Commonly known as simply Love/Hate, Terius “The-Dream” Nash quietly burst onto the scene in December 2007 with his debut album. With singles such as “Shawty is a Ten,” “Falsetto,” and “I Luv Your Girl,” (which also featured a crazy remix with Young Jeezy) Mr. Nash added to his already-sterling reputation as a songwriter/producer with tag team partner Christopher “Tricky” Stewart. The album is a melodic fantasy ride that takes the listener into different soundscapes over the course of the tracks. This album can easily be ingested from beginning to end. No skips necessary!

In fact, 2007 was the team’s most successful year to date; having produced the smash hit “Umbrella,” for Rihanna – which catapulted The-Dream and Tricky to new heights. Add to that J.Holiday’s smash debut single, “Bed,” Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body,” and Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine,” and who can argue with a resume like this?

In Wikipedia, The-Dream explains where he got the name:

That [stage name] was coined, actually, by an uncle of mine, from a long time ago. I grew up in Atlanta on the West Side. A lot of my family was kind of like into this and into that so it’s basically – the name came from me just tryin’ to be the dream of the family, and he thought that I needed to be that. I’m quite sure he was probably thinking about college, and being a lawyer or something, not really in the music business. But either way, this is what I’m doin’ and I’m livin’ it.

This year, we find The (American) Dream ready to release his sophomore album. With three tracks already being attributed to this release available, it is not hard to see that Mr. Nash aims to change the game up again.

Born in North Carolina, Terius Nash was raised in the Bankhead section of Atlanta, Georgia. Before he found his calling in music, the industrious young man made ends meet doing everything from working at Checkers to becoming a collections agent.
The-Dream in the studio
After graduating from H.S., Dream joined a singing group, Guess Who, signed by local rapper Raheem. They sang the hook to “Most Beautiful Girl,” which became moderately successful. “It did pretty good, got a lot of spins,” says Nash.

A few yThe-Dream ponders how to conquer the music game...ears later, The-Dream began writings songs for up-and-coming rappers and hooks for his peers. He got his first publishing deal in 2003, when he signed to Peer Music after writing B2K‘s single, “Everything.” The song, off B2K’s platinum sophomore album, Pandemonium, truly put The-Dream on the map.

“My grand daddy told me I would never make any money in this business.   Music just wasn’t a reality for him. I never knew until I was 21 or 22 that I could actually be successful in the music business.”

With one success under his belt, Terius began to build momentum and soon found himself associating with the upper echelons of pop stardom.

“A year after B2K I did the Britney Spears and Madonna record [‘Me Against the Music’],” he begins. “I recorded vocals and wrote to that record after Tricky, the guy I did ‘Umbrella’ with, decided he didn’t want the track anymore. I was the new guy in the building so I stayed overnight running in and out the booth recording myself in Pro Tools. Tricky and a writer before me, Penelope, went up to N.Y. [to meet] Britney.  They played a lot of songs and Britney was like, I dunno. Then they got to “Me Against the Music” and she was like, “Oh, I’m digging that. I love that hook!”

Unfortunately, that song didn’t push The-Dream to the level he wanted to reach. He spent two years working on other projects including Nivea’s second album, which he executive produced. “Trick and I just started making records. By the time we got to Umbrella we were like ‘ok, we got it.'” Dream insisted that [Island Def Jam President] L.A Reid hear the song and the rest is history.

I’m not gonna do much more talking. I’m gonna let the music speak for itself. We at BE Magazine have compiled The-Dream’s resume:

Check out The-Dream featuring Lil Jon “Let Me See the Booty”

Check out The-Dream featuring Mariah Carey “My Love”

Check out The-Dream “Rockin That Thing”

 Check out The-Dream featuring Ciara “Keep Dancing”

Check out The-Dream “Right Side of Ya Brain”

Check out Electrik Red’s single “Drank”

Check out the video for “Shawty is a Ten” featuring Fabolous

Check out the video for “Falsetto”

Check out the video for “I Luv Ur Girl” featuring Young Jeezy

For more information on The-Dream, visit his DEF JAM page HERE.


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