The Art of War: Meet Africa’s own WarChild


Through music  all things are possible. Often used to heal and relax , music is a form of mediation.  With that BEing said we introduce you to this talented individual born in South Sudan , Africa by the name of Jangjoul Biel known to his fans  as WarChild.  WarChild was born in an era where his country  was at war against North Sudan.  He was born to BEcome a solider but he knew that his destiny was to exceed BEyond   and use his creative spirit to uplift his people through a form of art. As a child the name WarChild develop from his peer BEcause he was strong in his own BElief, standing his ground, which help him gain the name “WarChild”.    At the age of eight WarChild BEcame in tune  with the art of music.  After writing his first song he knew this was his destiny.

In 2004, WarChild made his way to the United States in hopes to continue the dream he of expressing himself through music.  His music form is a mix BEtween Rapping and Singing . He says that “I’m  just a pop star…. My music is something like Hardcore R&B.”  WarChild states that his music has a “Message” that he would to “Change someone’s Life”.  He goes on to say that “music can change you and take you to a BEtter place. When you listen to music you let your worries go.” Warchild plans on releasing a new project at the end of the year, it would BE a reflection of the feelings on how he was treated during his travels to different countries.  He would like people to stay firm and stand their ground and always BElieving in who they are. 

Tell us who you are, where you come from?

I go by the name WarChild. I’m originally from South Sudan, Africa. I came to the United States in 2004 and now I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tell us a little bit about your music. How would you descriBE yourself?

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I’m just a pop star. I’m a rapper, I’m a singer. Just a pop star. I consider my music hardcore R&B.

What got you into music? What was your inspiration BEhind music?

I’ve loved music since I was a little boy. I have a message I can sing to the world. I hope someday someone can listen to my many different songs and It can change their life for the BEtter. I love music and I BElieve that music can change you ,make the world a BEtter place and creates BEtter people. My main goal is that I send my message to the world in hopes that someday it will change someone’s life. I had the opportunity of opening up for Emmanuel Jal who by far one of “South Sudan’s biggest artist”.

So tell us about your project that you’re working on, when you plan to release it, and what you hope the world can get from it.

I’m working on my album right now and it will come out BEfore the end of this year. My new project is a reflection of when I was in different countries, people treated me different ways but today I have a flag, I have a country and a place I can BE proud to call home.


So for those people out there who feel that getting into the music industry is hard or actually doing something and staying firm in what you BElieve in, tell them how you go about staying strong every day and continuing to do what it is you love to do and inspiring the world.

Yeah that’s what I tell people. BElieve in who you are and everything you start and want to do, it doesn’t matter. Never give up anything you want to do. Just stay strong and do what you do. Don’t care about what people tell you whether they like it or not or if it’s right for you.

What’s some of the BEst advice that you’ve ever gotten in your life that’s helped you get to where you are today?

I came from nothing to something. My story is no different from anybody’s but what gets me to the next day is I BElieve in myself. There’s always tomorrow. Today the weather is going to BE really bad but mayBE tomorrow is going to BE a BEtter day. I always look forward to tomorrow. I can’t give up. I always hope tomorrow will come.

Who are some of your musical influences and who are some people you hope to work with in future projects?

I’m a political guy and I write love songs and I write war songs. I never talk about “bling bling” and I never talk about money BEcause I don’t have that. MayBE one day it will come. But I talk about love and I talk about reality.

Tell the fans how they can keep in contact with you.

On everything they can find me at WarChild801.

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