The Bailey Sisters Perform at Marvelous Matriarchs Brunch

Chloe & Halle Bailey may BE two of Atlanta’s youngest superstars! They came out to support Zone 4’s Clay West & his 2nd Annual Marvelous Matriarchs Brunch, celebrating the BEauty of mothers. The celebration was held at Justin’s Restaurant in Atlanta & was heavily supported.

Clay West is such a blessed man! He’s BEen through so much and has the endurance of a tiger. Clay lost his mother a few years back to cancer and since has BEen an advocate not only to cancer research (Cancers 4 A Cause), but also to living out the legacy of of his mom and every mother he’s attached himself to. I appreciate Clay for his kind hearted spirit and his natural love for moms.

Check out what the Bailey Sisters can do…not only are the talented singers, they’re also brilliant songwriters. Plus they’s so pleasant to BE around…we had to exchange high fives about their BEautiful sprits and their former story in BE Magazine. I love how they’re progressing in their career!!!!

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Clay West gave a heart felt speech about his mom that had everybody (and their mama) teary-eyed…

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