The Beat Geeks

1. In which of the genres, do you classify your style of music?
The sound of THE BEAT GEEKS would be classified as urban pop or pop dance… The music is full of lively, up-tempo beats that listeners can groove to.

2. Who are you target audience?
We like to think that the music appeals to all age groups. The single has really been received well overseas and hope for anyone that likes a new sound to apprecaite the music. We would even be excited to have the opportunity to have singles on the Kidz Boop Cd compulation.

3. What advice would you have for young artist that are looking to separate themselves from others.. Just as the group has with the NERDY yet Trendy look?
The style of The Beats Geeks actually depicts who they are as individuals and they dress that way everyday. I would suggest that emerging talents try to be themselves and not confirm to the images they see on TV in videos and/or hear on the radio. It is important not to be afraid to be diffrent from the norm.

4. What are the names of the group members and what does each member bring to the overall group and sound?
Each of the members are songwriters and contribute lyrically.
Luke Galloway is the lead male member with an alternative rock influence and co-producer.
K. Poindexter aka Dex has the Soulful R&B sound
Bobby Drake is the producer & rapper of the group

5. When should we expect a full album to be released from The Beat Geeks?
The Beat Geeks are working on their EP right now and we are hoping for the full album release this coming fall.

6. So is Karissa intentionally a sexy GEEK?? lol..
Well Dex is a true nerd at her core. For this shoot, we wanted to make her the Diva of the group and a bit more sexy.

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