The Beat Geeks

BE-Style: In which of the genres, would you classify The Beat Geeks your style of music?

Bobby: I don’t really try to “classify” our music…mainly because we feel our material can cross boundaries… I just like to think of it as a big ball of pure happiness… Swirled in a velvet ribbon of fun… BOO-YAH!
Dex: Hmmm… I would say Dance, Pop, Alternative, Electronica.
Luke: I usually introduce our music as Pop because it’s kind of a catch-all genre. We’re not rap, we’re not strictly dance, not rock, we’re a blend of popular music.

BE-Style: Who are you target audience?

Luke: Everyone who likes to have a good time, which usually includes most all people.
Bobby: EVERYONE!!! We feel the subject matter of our songs do not have an age attached to them. One can relate to them whether they’re 5…15… or even 50… ya know? We want to get everyone rocking with us….
Dex: Everyone!

BE-Style: What advice would give to young artist that are looking to separate themselves from others… Just as the group has with their NERDY yet Trendy look?

Dex: I would say to just be yourself. Everyone has uniqueness about them that sets them apart from the rest. So I say find it and run with it.
Bobby: Overall, just do you… be yourself… not only will your material sound more genuine, but you’ll also have more fun… and who doesn’t want to have fun?!
Luke: Be yourself. Above all. Staying true to yourself is important. It’s not about being different for the sake of different. We just have found our unique qualities as human beings and utilize them in our craft. Take time to find out where you really want your music to go, then give it all you got!

BE-Style: What are the names of the group members and what does each member bring to the overall group and sound?

Bobby: Bobby Drake, Luke Galloway, and K-Dex. We all bring ourselves… and with our powers combined we summon Captain Planet!!! LOL… No but really, we all bring a uniqueness to the group that gives us the flavor we present to the world.
Luke: I’m Luke Galloway, I grew up playing alternative rock and producing electronic music. I add a bit of an in your face feel with production and vocals. Bobby Drake has a great background in all sorts of production and is always willing to try out new sounds and concepts for songs. Dex brings in a huge vocal ability. Her background singing a lot of R&B really shines through on our songs.
Dex: Bobby Drake, Luke Galloway, and K Poindexter aka Dex. Bobby brings the funk. Luke brings the stank and I bring the fan!

BE-Style: I can see mixed version of your song on a Kidz Bop Dance CD. Are you hoping to reach the teen audience with your style of music?

Dex: Yes indeedy. I hope we can share fans with Justin Beiber [Laughs]
Luke: We see our music as something that everyone can relate to. Our themes are universal and our production is certainly danceable. Teens like to have fun and jump around, so yes they certainly fall into a group we’d like to connect with. Plus we’re very into being positive role models for the kids. We want them to know that it’s OK to be yourself and be successful.
Bobby: Indeed, we feel teens, as well as college kids, and even the grandpapas and grandmamas can get jiggy to our movement…

BE-Style: When should we expect a full album to be released from The Beat Geeks?

Dex: That’s a great question. Soon.
Luke: Hopefully we will have a project coming out in the Fall of this year. No definite date as of yet though!
Bobby: Well, we’re shooting for completing our EP this fall. As for a full album, we’ll have to see… but as soon as we know… the WORLD will know… HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME!!!

Special thanks to: Sonya “kprincess” McLaurin, Manager & The Beat Geeks

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