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For those looking to embark into the world of entertainment, it can be a tedious journey and sometimes many will loose their sense of self from being captivated by all of the lights and glamour. I am pleased to know that this month’s feature BEauty by no means live up to this stigma. She has thrived in fashion and film, all the while staying true to her fun loving, sometimes goofy, and humble self. Never forgetting where she came from, she is always willing to lend a hand to those aspiring to achieve more from life.

Atlanta native, Sincerely Ward is nothing short of gorgeous from the inside out. In conversing with her, I felt as if I was chatting with a friend of years past. If she is not on your radar, she will be and you will take note of her presence.

BE-Style: When did you get your first break?
SW: WOW! I could take it way back in the day. LOL. I remember this group of women in Atlanta that would take me to various events teaching how to carry myself when attending events and/or seeking jobs. I feel like I was given the opportunity to enter into three different worlds – the urban video world, mainstream commercial modeling, and the film/acting industry. But I will speak about my first music video, which was for the soundtrack to “Big Momma’s House.” I was just an extra and the cast models would walk pass and tell us to move out the way…. From that point on, I knew I wanted to be more than an Extra, I wanted to be a cast or featured model.

BE-Style: What are the news of the characters you played in 2 Fast 2 Furious & Bad Boys 2?
SW: Her name Carla a.k.a Slap Jack’s (Michael Ely’s) Girlfriend & Bad Boys 2, I was a bartender and was chosen amongst an entire warehouse of extras and was moved to the feature spot.

BE-Style: How do you react when people say that you could be the “other Knowles sister” or Beyonce’s body double?
SW: Well, I feel like there could be worse people to be compared to. I do hear this often, especially in Miami with my Sunkist tan. I am a huge Bey fan and supporter. I just find it rather uncanny that we have so many similarities; even our parents have similar looks. But sometimes this can be bittersweet cause you want to be someone with your own image and exude your own personality.

BE-Style: What is your future plan in business and do you plan on continuing your education in marketing?
SW: Let me first start by saying, for anyone that knows me, they know that I am well traveled and well versed in many areas. This line of business actually is like second nature to me because I grew up in an entertainment family. Both my parents are Radio personalities and by my father having his morning radio show, it allowed me to see what it took to host and interview celebrities in many different environments. So, this led me to able to consult with agencies and start to build my own brand.
One project that I have been working on that is very dear to my heart, is Model Mission, where I teach the business of modeling through workshops. Thus far, I have held the modeling workshops in Africa, Cayman Islands, and will continue with educating people that really want to be in the business but aren’t knowledgeable about what it takes to be successful. I teach them the skills and language of the industry as well as when to choose the right opportunity and not scams. It is my hope that I help to instill confidence and motivate young people.

BE-Style: How would you love to work with in Fashion? And Film?
SW: In a perfect world, I would love to work with Annie Leibovitz and Catherine Malandrino.
As far as film, I have already work with John Singleton and Michael Bay, so it doesn’t get much better than that.

BE-Style: How do you maintain you physical beauty?
SW: I really don’t work out consistently accept when I have to for jobs, I tend to work out 3 times a week before shoots or filming. I have always been very active person so I make sure that I take the steps or walk as much as possible. I also love to play beach volleyball. As far as a diet, I don’t eat meat or hamburgers nor do I eat sweets and I try to eat as much green vegetables as possible.

BE-Style: Are there any aspects of the business that you would change?
SW: Yes, I wish there was a lot more togetherness amongst people that are trying to make it. I really hate that “crab-in-bucket” mentality. There is so much work out there, if you just apply yourself and grind really hard, you can achieve what you set out to do. “What God has for you, no one else can take.”

BE-Style: Who are you role models in life?
SW: Well, Oprah is one them…lol. I would have to say that my best friend’s mom is amazing. Her name is Equila Wainwright, the VP of Diversity and Community Affairs at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. She has achieved so much in her life and my best friend Reagan is a mirrored image of her. And of course, my dad for all of his accomplishments and awards in the radio industry. Just by being in their company, makes me wants better myself and always strive to be successful. “You are the company you keep.”

BE-Style: What do you expect to gain from all of your experiences?
SW: I expect to be the most dynamic, well-rounded person you ever want to meet. I want to inspire and motivate people to be their best selves and live out their passions and destiny. I have had to build my brand through a lot of hazy moments but I have continued to strive and grind.

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