The Bold: Lea T by: London Priestly


An introduction to Lea T is needed by some but to that are aware of her presence already know the Brazilian babe is the hottest new model – tall, dark, and glamorous. But she was born a HE!!!  Now high fashion’s gender-bending Muse is the face of Givenchy. The hot sensation of the runway fell into it almost by accident and has been storming ever since. Born Leandro Medeiros Cerezo, is the son of the famed Brazilian football legend Toninho Cerezo. Leandro’s father always knew that out of all four of his children, there was something different, something special about Leandro. They supported her and loved her regardless of his unclear connection to the world he was born in. As the years went on, Leandro began to grow into what is now her new identity. First the hair began to grown long and luxurious then came the breast implants and slowly the awkward Lea became softer and more feminine. While going through the transitions Lea fell victim to very harsh insults. Being called a “prostitute”, a “slut”, and a “sex fiend”. But she never let that deter her from doing what made her happy.

Let’s fast-forward to present day, the very quiet and Lea has pushed the envelope on the path to being herself. She has graced magazine covers, posed fully nude for French Vogue, and fled the paparazzi. She also shared a lip lock with Kate Moss on the cover of the French magazine Love. In Italy, she worked as an assistant for stylist Patti Wilson, scraping by on a modest salary, she then met Riccardo Tisci, the Italian designer, now with Givenchy, who was stunned by Lea’s exotic beauty and encouraged her to try the fashion world. From that point she started to do photoshoots for fashion industry insiders and photographers. But soon Lea’s cover was blown. Through all of the press and the talks about the “Transgendered model,” throughout Brazil her family never turned their back on her. With all appearances made, Lea speaks calmly and openly about her hormone treatment leading up to her sex change operation. She was quoted saying “I want to send a message that transsexuals do not have to be prostitutes or hide their identities to be apart of society,” she says ” the day I am no longer identified as a transsexual is the day my career is over.” By the looks of things, this will not be happening anytime soon.

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