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De’fron “Keith” Fobb has always integrated his keen sense of style into every aspect of his life. In 2006, De’fron decided to fulfill a life-long dream when he launched a signature collection of graphic tees under his father’s name the late Anthony Lawrence. De’fron created the line to fill a void in the market for well-made, classy, and fashion forward Tee’s that also reflected an urban sensibility and style.

“I’ve always felt that God gave me the ability to be GREAT no matter what field I chose. Fashion is just a path he put me on to show greatness.”

Since its launch, Anthony Lawrence Collection has enjoyed significant success. Through the support of the fashion community, family, friends, internet, and retailers, Anthony Lawrence Collection has quickly grown from a dream to a brand. The collection as of right now consists of graphic tees but will be expanding to denim, polo’s, and sweats in the near future. The products are inspired by De’fron’s image and reflect his diverse personal style. The line is produced two times a year and is geared to men, women, and kids of all ages. Distribution of the collection is targeted to boutiques and specialty web stores. It is also be available at the Anthony Lawrence Collection website (www.anthonylawrencecollection.com), which opened August 1, 2009.

I am not in the fashion business for a quick hit. I am truly committed to the expansion and growth of the fashion world. I will use all of my resources to ensure that excellence is met in both the design and production of the Anthony Lawrence Collection. I would ultimately like to have Anthony Lawrence Collection viewed in the same category as Sean John, Ralph Lauren, and Kenneth Cole.

BE-Style: Who is your target clientele?
ALC: Anyone with a life-STYLE. With Anthony Lawrence Collection I didn’t want to focus on a certain clientele. I wanted to create a brand that everyone could enjoy and feel good about purchasing & wearing.

BE-Style: What do you feel the urban market was missing, which compelled you to start AL Collection?
ALC: I wouldn’t call it urban, mainly because when you do that you tend to put a cap on your product. But what I feel the everyday fashion was missing was real genuine American Classic Flava. That was my vision for Anthony Lawrence Collection, real American Flava. I felt that after Phat Farm, you really didn’t have that. Yes you have Rocawear & Sean John but when you think of them you think hip-hop. With Anthony Lawrence Collection, I want people to think style, you know simple but effective.
BE-Style: What can you tell us about your quality of fabric choices?
ALC:I strive for that to be the best. The quality of fabric is what sets you apart from every other brand and I believe that is evident in brands such as Ralph Lauren. So when choosing the fabrics for my collection, I make sure that the quality is great.
BE-Style: What do you plan to gain with AL Collection in the fashion industry?
ALC:For Anthony Lawrence Collection to be recognized as a brand that’s here for longevity and not just a quick hit & out.

BE-Style: What do you hope for AL Collection to BEcome?
ALC: I hope ALC could become a brand just like Ralph Lauren. I admire the things and contributions he has made to the fashion industry. I just hope ALC can do the same.

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  • Wanna 1st thank God for the vision & BE Magazine for believing in ALC to do a feature. Thanks to the staff and the people @ BE Mag you guys did a wonderful job.

  • Kee Kee

    Keith has a DREAM and a VISION. I can see this line being SUCCESSFUL beyond Ralph Lauren in the near future. May God bless Keith throughout all his ambitious.

  • Zierra B.

    I fell in love with this line at first sight! I’m eager to see where this line will go next! De’Fron, keep up the good work. See you on the runway!

  • This is awesome – congrats to ALC and De’fron!

  • stevvi

    Wishing AL Collection all the best and the most success! Can’t wait to see whats in the future.

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