The History …The Future…& The Reason…..

 Handcrafted Custom Leather Jewelry by Nicole…
                            offers you an exceptional variety of Quality…. Tasteful Ear Candi

Starting January 2005 i BEgan randomly making different jewelry pieces as a hobby. Over the years i noticed there was really a void in the fashion accessory market for the things i was creating. No one had really thought of creating earrings from leather, no one thought of making necklaces and so many other things out of leather. Soon enough i realized this was it and in January 2011 I opened my first store making Leather Jewelry and the BEst part is that it’s affordable. Since then I have thrived to bring my customers nothing but the BEst ONE OF A KIND Unique Jewelry that you can’t find in stores. I have a wide variety of pieces to choose from including “Kids Candi”. I also have clothes,shoes, necklaces and cosmetics. I am an all around accessory provider. I pride my company on hard work and dedication…If you’re NOT Happy I’m NOT Happy!!!


I have recently BEgun introducing My Jewelry & Accessories at different art shows, entrepreneur expos, markets, festivals, church events, community venues as well as jewelry parties and photo shoots. I am also currently taking orders for custom pieces…..Lets Network!!!


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