The House of Balmain Pre-Fall & Fall 2014


YES, YES, AND BEFORE I FORGET YES!!!!!!! I personally always have a witty saying or great comparison for the designer collections that touch a runway, BUT Balmain has done the impossible. The fashion House of Balmain has left me utterly, completely, and 100 percent amazed and speechless. (Speechless BEing held very loosely). I mean when they said fashion show they meant FASHION SHOW! It may seem that I am over exaggerating but I love, loved, and is loving every part of the Balmain Pre-Fall & Fall/Winter 2014 collections. They have left no areas of comparison. From the runway itself to the actual designs every part of the show was not only interesting but intricate. The designs were not just fabric sewn together. The pieces were all very detailed down to every button and zipper. Balmain infuses the popular textile with class and 80’s flare. Gladiator style leather skirts and side-pocket cargo style pants is daring, fashion-forward, and sexy, and Balmain is one of the the must-have designers! With a muted color story, Balmain layers the looks with effortless precision. I feel and hope that this line sparks the newest fashion trends that are soon to come. Once again women are taking a lead in this world of fashion we all live in.

Stay tuned to this collection, there’s an EPIC SuperModel & Pop Star collaboration you don’t want to miss… You heard it hear first.

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By: Braylon Gorman / BE-Style Contributor & Jeffrey Young / BE-Style Intern

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