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As an heir to the throne, it is sometimes a cumbersome and daunting task to live up the expectations of the family that have paved the way by being entrepreneurial in spirit and in task. Some of us choose the thrive in the blessing of having forefathers and mothers to create successfully ran businesses in the hopes to one day have their children take over and go beyond the realms of what they set to accomplish. Some find it a great opportunity, some choose another path in life, and others see this as a force to be reckoned with, choosing to recreate the wheel – which never works because a wheel always move in circular motion. I know this story oh so well, but so does Jessica Truesdale.

Last month, I had the pleasure of conversing with an amazingly talented young lady with a bright future in the cosmetic, wellness, and fashion industries. I applaud Jessica’s efforts in acknowledging the blessing bestowed upon her as she carves her very own path to success.

“Twenty-two year-old Spelman College student Jessica Truesdale developed a chic sense of style by the influence of the classic couture styles from her mother, Althea Truesdale and her grandmother, the late Florence Baker Sample. At a young age, her fascination with beauty products, makeup, and fashion grew so heavily, that she know she would profoundly contribute to these industries in the future. Jessica is a senior, Sociology major at Spelman College, and CEO and Creative Director of True You Cosmetics. With such a business mindset in both the fashion and beauty industries, Jessica plans to incorporate wellness, beauty and fashion into brands to come.”

BE-STYLE: How do you plan to apply your degree in Sociology to your current and future business ventures?
JT: My collections are about historical trends, as it relates to my degree in Sociology, I plan to address social views with pop-culture references.

BE-STYLE: How have your mother and grandmother influence your passion for the industry?
JT: First of all, their fashion beauty and business savvy have greatly influenced my decision for business. Both of them are really elegant and have taught me to have stature as a woman and to carry myself with confidence. Their love of fashion and beauty products have stuck with me over the years and this is what I love. My grandmother and mom have always been product fanatics so as a child they would always teach me how to marry various products and how to be confidence in my delivery as a woman.

BE-STYLE: What relations are you to Dr. Gerald Truesdale and his research in the makeup and plastic surgery industries?
JT: Dr. Truesdale is my father, a plastic surgeon in NC for 30 years now. He actually started the line, True You Cosmetics for his patients after having cosmetic surgery and saw the need for a special kind of makeup to be applied and their respective surgeries. This was a full coverage makeup and a business on a smaller scale. I always knew, growing up, that I wanted to take the line and make it available on a mass production level.

BE-STYLE: How would you describe your personal style?
JT: I would say cutting edge with a note of elegance.

BE-STYLE: What is it about the vintage era that has influence you to formulate your cosmetic line around it?
JT: I love mixing old trends with new trends and that is what every collection is about. Reaching back to the look of yesterday and giving them a fresh and modernized feel.

BE-STYLE: What era/periods in fashion do you love most?
JT: I started the collection, being inspired by the 40s & 50s, the Victorian era, and the 70s bohemian look as well.

BE-STYLE: Explain to me the niche market that you have identified in the cosmetic industry?
JT: My products are for the “glamorous girls” on the go. The collections include conveniently packed products, like our glosses and shadows. As a wearer of makeup, I personally don’t like to have tons of different products with me so I love having the ease of what our lines have to offer. As far as the age limits, we offer products for a range of ladies – from the teenager to more the professional woman and for the women of 50 years old and beyond.

BE-STYLE: How does True You Cosmetics plan to fill the void?
JT: I’ve noticed that of course, there are great products around but none of them tell a story. I wanted to create a line that has cutting edge formulas and have a historical story that you could understand where each line was coming from and who wore these colors and how it reunites us today to the period of the past.

BE-STYLE: Which iconic women do you find to be inspiring?
JT: I love Dorothy Dandridge, for her paving the way for women of color during her period, she’s actually my favorite. Also Josephine Baker, which is another color in the collection, is one of the women I adore. All of the colors in the ICONIC collections are all named after “Hollywood Icons,” like Dorothy Dandridge & Marilyn Monroe. I wanted to create like a genealogy collection including my mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother as well through True You Cosmetics.

BE-STYLE: How can we get women back to the era a classy & demure beauty?
JT: Really just understanding that you are an individual and embodying your self-confidence. One must become familiar with what is your signature look, and own it. I feel that once a woman identifies with that, she will own and become her “True” self and this is what we want to embrace with our collections.

BE-STYLE: What are you future plans for True You Cosmetics?
JT: I plan to create actual flagship stores where customers can come in to try the merchandise and get a true feel for the products. That’s actually our next phase for within a year.

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