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K Camp is dominating the game right now releasing hit after hit after hit. He’s on fire and is not showing any signs of a dwindling flame. So with such success so quick many people want to know how? I have the answer. He’s talented with a hard force BEhind him. Yes, that’s right K Camp’s driving force is his mother, known to the game as Mama Camp. I wanted to get some insight, not from the artist, but from the person who makes it all work. Mama Camp gave BE Magazine the inside scoop.

JY: How are you doing today?

MC: I am well, my nephew just graduated, so I’m doing outstanding.

JY: You are definitely a driving force BEhind his career. So, I want to know about you, just not as his manager but his mom.


JY: Tell us exactly how you went from being mom to manager.

MC: Well he had BEen asking me for about a year to BE his manager but at the time, I was really successful in my mortgage career. I actually was like man, no, I had a mortgage company to run. As a parent, our kids want to BE a lot of things and want to BE involved with a lot of activities so you don’t know which one they will take seriously. Once he started booking locals shows and they were paying him with bottles, I immediately stepped in to replace the manager he had at the time. He was only 17.

JY: So his previous manager started crossing the line?

MC: Well, his previous manager was only 21 and they both were new to the industry. I actually had no idea what I was doing either; I had to pretty much Google everything I knew, outside of DJ Chapman being my mentor. But it was a new industry for everybody. His previous manager had the plugs with all the teen and local clubs so that’s what he ran with.

JY: So you said you had a mortgage company, tell me about that. And when did you decide to go full time as Momma Camp?

MC: I started in the mortgage industry in the year 2000 while K Camp was finding his stride. I worked really hard until 2007-2008, when the industry started to fail. He was coming up when the mortgage industry was fading out for me. So, I took on managing him full time. Then I tried to go back to work and manage but it didn’t work out. I had to make a decision, either work the job or manage him 24/7. So, we struggled a little bit but we make it happen.

JY: So your no stranger to success since you had your own mortgage company. When the money came rolling in you already knew how to handle it?

MC: Right, Exactly! That’s why I stay on top of it. BEing in the mortgage industry actually taught me a lot. I was 30 years old, it was new money, a lot of money, and I spent frivolously. From 2007 to 2008 the money just went away. It just completely went away and we struggled for a long time but it was the BEginning of his career. We started from zero but I think it really was just GOD teaching me a lesson. It was GOD saying “I gave it to you once, I’m goona take it away so you can humble yourself”.  So now it’s coming back but I’m so much more wise and responsible with it.

JY: You said earlier that you had to Google everything BEcause the entertainment industry was new to you all. Tell me more about that.

MC: Everything was new. Right now K Camp has different managers. I’m more on the financial, business, booking side but he has other good managers, shout out to 427 music. The team is just awesome.

JY: Now you’re behind the stylist, the photographers, videographers, and why everything is working?

MC: No no no no, I can’t and don’t want to take credit. He picks his own stylists and videographers. He chooses his people. He’s the big driving force as to who is in place and why they are in place. A lot of them are people he’s known for years. His circle was really, really small like a family.

JY: Now that you have experience with managing, do you plan to take on other artists?

MC: No, The answer is no, I can’t, BEcause it is a 24/7 job.

JY: What is your definition of success and do you feel that you are successful?

MC: Success is BEing happy. It’s finding what your purpose is and pursuing it. Money doesn’t have anything to do with success. Success is BEing at peace. It’s when you’re able to not worry about what people think about you. When, you are able to just do you. Having a relationship with GOD and putting him first. That’s BEing successful. I have a great group of friends, I have an outstanding family, and I have a daughter that’s playing basketball in college. I have 2 successful kids, I’m happy and healthy. Life is wonderful. So, yes I am successful.

Thank you to Mama Camp for taking time out of her busy schedule to give us insight into who’s the lady behind the K Camp. She’s obviously much more than just a manager but also a very loving, supportive, and proud mother. We at BE Magazine look forward to working with both her and K Camp more in the near future.


By: Jeffrey Young / SC Contributor / BE Entertained Magazine

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