The MANual by QParker

Setting out on his own from the ever so popular group 112, Q Parker,accompanied by his wife and kids proved last night that solo success is certainly in his future.With the release of “The MANual” he once again gave the world an opportunity to hear an amazing talent. BEfore the evening ended, his kids shared their BEutiful speech they had written for their father in hope of him selling 1 million copies. The event was hosted by Kenny Burns, Grey Goose Noir and Syleena Johnson. As the music from previous projects stirred up anticipation, Q eventually hit the stage to share with us the music that will BE  hearing for a while to come.

Supporting Q during his album release party were Anthony Q, Latavia Roberson, Keke Wyatt, Mike (formerly of 112), Ariane Davis of LHHATL, Rodney Perry ,Moynetta ,D Woods, Chanita Foster, Fred Williams, general manager of the Atlanta Dream with his lovely wife Bo  and so many more.. The event, sponsored by Grey Goose also featured “Adult Treats” that kept the party going.

Congrats Q, we wish you much success.


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