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LaTocha Scott made quite a name for herself as one of the lead singers in the 90’s girl group Xscape. However, after the group disbanded in 2005, Scott decided to spend time with family, travel and also do some self-evaluating. Now, we fast forward to 2012, where we find that LaTocha Scott is putting herself back into the music mix with the release of her first single, “Bad Timing.” and penning her own memoir.

LaTocha Scott spoke with BE MAG about life after Xscape, starting her foundation “Golden Gyrl,” her new music and sound, her healthier lifestyle and the prospects for an Xscape reunion.

BE MAG: How has the world of LaTocha Scott BEen since Xscape?

LaTocha Scott: Well it’s BEen busy! I’ve BEen writing my memoirs, mentoring young girls and I started my foundation called “Golden Gyrl Foundation.” I started working on a mixtape and my new album. I’ve just BEen busy. It’s BEen a whirlwind, but I’ve started to write and explore myself and the thoughts inside of me. Continuously working!!

BE MAG: So speaking of the foundation you started Golden Gyrl, What made you want to start a foundation? Was it something you’ve always wanted to do, or was it something that you just felt had to BE done?

LaTocha Scott: It was definitely a need for it. I have two nieces that always come over, and they started to bring their friends. I noticed how these girls never thought they were “golden,” never really loved themselves. I rememBEr BEing in a group and BEing called “the big girl.” I never really had a name, and I had low self-esteem. So I said, “You know what? I want to play my part and let them know that they can overcome all obstacles and BElieve in themselves.”  It came about that way. They came over and started staying the night and we just started talking and having “girl talk” and I found myself BEing a mentor to them; but at the same time they were helping me as well. It was just a BEautiful thing and I said, “this is something I want to continue to do.” So I started “Golden Gyrl” and it’s BEen a great experience. We have 5 golden rules: 1.Never Doubt Yourself, 2.Never Procrastinate, 3.Never Stop BElieving, 4.Never Deny Yourself and 5.Never Allow Anyone’s Negative Opinion to BEcome your Reality. We all stand on those rules! And it’s just a blessing.                     

BE MAG: Who are your musical influences? What was that moment or person that just made you wanna sing?

LaTocha Scott: Well I grew up singing with my father. He along with his brother started a group early on and they would travel. I would go along with them as a child and I think I was like 2 years old when I sang first, but when I was around 6 I really knew this is what I wanted to do. My father always included me in music and we would sit up and write songs and he would BE like “sing this” and we would do harmonies. So my household coming up was a musical house. And then I was introduced to the gospel. I grew up in the church. So it was ” Shirley Caesar” and the “Clark Sisters,” it was so many different people, but I was also into Stevie Wonder. Those were my music influences coming up. It was all around me!!!

BE MAG: I read that you’re in talks to do a reality series. How do you feel about “reality” television? Do you think it carries a negative or positive message?

Latocha Scott: It shows a good and a bad for different people. That’s why I think things like the foundation are important BEcause as I always tell the girls, “don’t BElieve everything you see on TV.” You know they like the catty-ness and the fights. It’s crazy BEcause people are kind of drawn to it. But with my show I want to show people that its OK to show good things that people are doing, and that folks are trying to get involved in things. I want to BE a good liaison for women. And it’s OK to show women in a male-driven industry making it and BEing able to stand upon their own feet. So with me that’s the only reason I even would agree to do a reality show, to show the goodness of things. So it’s not everything ending in a fight and bickering. I think we need to show good positive things for these young women, BEcause we are definitely looking at the TV and thinking, “OMG I want to BE like that person” or “I want to do this.” It’s important for it to BE seen in a good light.

BE MAG: So, talk to us about “family” and “career.” How do you balance it all?

LaTocha Scott: Well at this point, I’ve always had a strong family support. My mother is always here and my sister. So it’s always BEen a great balance for me. I’ve BEen so blessed in that area. My son is 14 now and he knows what it is and what I love; it’s my passion and I tell him to always do what’s his passion, which is basketball. We both are very disciplined and I think my system and spiritual grounding just make everything an even playing field.

BE MAG: So you’ve BEen living as a vegetarian for some years now. Can you tell us about that transition and how it has BEnefitted your health and life?

LaTocha Scott: Well yes, I’ve BEen a vegetarian for a little over 2 years now. Actually I’m a Pescetarian. So I do eat fish as well, with that BEing said I just changed my eating habits. I found that we as in women of color eat pork and things like that, and then we find out later on we have diabetes and things like that occur and I just didn’t want that. I try to enlighten folks to change their eating and stuff. But I saw such a difference and change when I did. In the way I moved my energy levels. You know once I gave up the pork and the BEef it was so much BEtter for me. I just felt lighter! And for some it works and for others it doesn’t. It was a slow transition but it was a good one for me. I’m happy about it.

BE MAG: So there isn’t anything you wish you could eat now that you haven’t had in a while???

LaTocha Scott: Well there is this company called “Morningstar” who makes like meatless hamburgers so I have that if I ever get that feeling of wanting to have a burger or a taco. I can’t say I long for anything but I use that stuff if I need to.

BE MAG: So your new music?? Traditional R&B? What can we expect from your sound?

LaTocha Scott: Well it’s a mixture of things. I have some hip-hip incorporated, I did a song with Wale that’s out called *sings* “Complicated!!” LOL I have to sing it sometimes. It’s a really nice tune. I have a lot of stuff that’s just straight R&B.  I still have the soulfulness, that won’t change. Just songs that deal with personal experiences. I call it a “slice of life” album.

BE MAG: Talk to our readers about the book you’re writing? Its not a tell-all book but a memoir? Correct?

LaTocha Scott: It is not a tell-all; it’s a memoir about my life, my dreams and aspirations of BEcoming a singer. Getting into a girl group with the highs and lows. And BEing the “big girl” and dealing with my low self-esteem. It’s a real inspirational book.

BE MAG: OK, so numBEr one question I was asked and I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times…. Will there BE an Xscape reunion??

LaTocha Scott: Oh my goodness!!! You’re right I hear that all the time. I would LOVE for that to happen!! I know Tiny she hit me like a week ago like you know lets talk and do lunch, so I may put that bug in her ear and see how she feels about it. My sister Tameka is always down so that’s her, as far as Kandi, I haven’t spoken to her, but you never know. I mean I don’t know if she would BE willing to do a reunion, I know she busy with her businesses and things. But as far as the group is concerned I would definitely wanna do something. I’m thinking about including the girls on one of my songs for my album. I think it would BE great. I think we owe our fans that as well. They (the fans) hit me on twitter and stuff all the time and ask me about Xscape. We will see though it would BE only right! You got me excited.

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