The New ManBag | Meraqi Bags Hit Los Angeles Fashion Week

There is no other accessory to complete and man’s look than with a great ManBag. Whether he’s a guy on the go, on a day around town, or head to a business meeting, a great masculine bag is a perfect accouterment.

Showcased at the Hollywood Taglyan Complex in Los Angeles, CA Meraqui introduces its impeccable Autumn/Winter 2016 bag collection.

The word Meraqi is translated from the Greek meaning of “Creating with passion and soul”, which is evident from the fine craftsmanship of the Meraqi product.

Meraqi designer Joshua Miliaresis specializes in the creation of quality luxury essential leather goods and accessories. Proudly made in Los Angeles all bags are made of high-end materials including fine leathers, exotic skins and atlas leather.

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