The OMG Girlz Host Hotel Transylvania Movie Screening in Atlanta by Staci Stewart

​The exclusive screening of Hotel Transylvania was BEtter than I expected. I appreciated the free soda and popcorn. Once everyone was settled in their seats, popcorn in hand, 3D glasses on or by our sides, The OMG Girlz came out and gave a brief summary about Hotel Transylvania.

Their delivery was fun and engaging. After The OMG Girlz introduced the movie, my excitement heightened as the theatre got darker and the 3D screening BEgan. Hotel Transylvania was finally starting!

It was a great movie. We laughed and awed throughout the screening. The storyline was not your average vampires attack story. It was a refreshing twist on the life of vampires and monsters. It was a great family oriented movie with the right amount of humor and BEing in 3D was the icing on the cake.

When the movie ended, viewers were met outside of the theatre doors by The OMG Girlz. They were ready and waiting to take pictures with their fans, and discuss how great the movie was. The screening of Hotel Transylvania was a great experience and The OMG Girlz did a remarkable job as hostesses.

Make sure you go see Hotel Transylvania when it hits theaters on SeptemBEr 28th…I know I’m going to get a group of my friends and go again!

Story by BE Mag Jr Journalist
Staci Stewart
IG: Nola4Life

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