The YARD – A Voice for Youth

 “How do we get our voices heard?” That’s a question that’s constantly on the minds of teenagers and young adults all over the world, but for a group of collegiate brothers and sisters, that’s no longer a fantasy, but a weekly reality.

Atlanta, Georgia might be central college town with the AUC (Atlanta University Center) housing three of the most renowned HBCU’s in the country, Morehouse, Spelman, and my alma mater Clark Atlanta University. Can you imagine the streaming talent that runs rampant thru each campus? Well, The YARD makes it so no one has much imagining to do. Within initially hearing a name like The YARD, one might get the impression that there’s some big hangout spot where folks can meet and mingle with the likes of the other campus’, but if you think that, you’re dead wrong! The YARD is a weekly radio station (among other entities), that merges all three campus’ entertainment, lifestyle, and all around youth-driven pop culture.

“We try to provide that platform for college students to voice concerns, talk about hot events and topics; we have celebrity folk call in and come through (Harlem Heights, Aaron Reid). We want to always help promote the college world, and show people that it’s an enjoyable lifestyle”

I sat down with The YARD Radio Show Producer Tyler McCullers to get the insight scoop on how it goes down at The YARD, and about the other markets that he and his crew get to venture in. I must admit that I was taken back when I met Tyler at the “Hello World” Y.E.E.C. kick-off! This young man has his head on so straight that he’s already jumping into assisting others in making sure they’re on their A game. Tyler was very prompt in getting back with me to set up an interview to represent for his company, and his words during our interview is a message that lots of youth can identify with.

Make sure you check out the interview below to get the inside scoop on where and what you should be listening to on Thursdays from 9:00PM-10PM. Check out to see how they get down!!!!

“There’s only 3 schools, 2 much information, but only 1 YARD…”


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