TI & Tiny – For the Love of Our Fathers Alzheimer’s BEnefit Luncheon

The world 1st caught wind of Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and her husband Clifford “TI” Harris’ For The Love Of Our Fathers (FTLOOF) Alzheimer’s Foundation after watching Tiny’s reality show & seeing her father dive deeper into this incurable disease. Tiny’s show not only brought a much needed awareness to what is sometimes thought of as only a “white persons” disease, but we also got the opportunity to see Tiny take a 1st hand approach at planning the foundation’s inaugural BEnefit to bring that awareness to the community.

Yesterday (10/3), Tiny and T.I. hosted a brunch in honor of For The Love oF Our Fathers held at Atlanta’s Luckie Lounge, which had lots of media, publicists, Andrew Young, Tiny’s mom, T.I.P.’s sons, and of course those cute OMG Girlz. It’s always great to see TI interact with his family. Due to a late kick-off, we were unable to catch the performances, but I’m sure they were awesome. I hope the foundation raised lots of money through the $100 brunch tickets & hopefully even more awareness to Alzheimer’s.

According to reps, FTLOOF is planning lots more activities. In addition to the luncheon and concert; services and future projects include www.fortheloveofourfathers.com being a source of credible information. Donations will be accepted on the site to further promote outreach goals.

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