Tiffany Brown LTD Fashion Boutique Grand Opening

While Atlanta might BE climbing the fashion ladder with its upscale boutiques, we finally found a spot that won’t have your costs climbing the same ladder. Last night we attended the private grand opening of Tiffany Brown LTD Fashion Boutique where shop owner Dr. Tiffany Brown prides herself on her threads all BEing affordable and under $40. The boutique is quaintly located right next to the infamous and popular Gladys Knight & Ron Winans Chicken and Waffles at 533 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30308.

Last night every guest was VIP while we sipped signature drinks provided by French liquor Carnivo, popped back Champagne & StrawBErry Margarity Cocktail Cupcakes, and of course perused through our free SWAG Bags. You should have seen the ladies snatching up garments and rushing to the register…what a way to throw a Grand Opening Party. Ladies…don’t miss out on your affordable holiday wardroBE upgrade!!! For more information visit

Meeting Dr. Tiffany Brown was amazing! Her BEautiful smile was so warm as she walked us around her store showing us the clothes and giving us the logistics BEhind the affordable prices. Pop in on Dr. Brown so you can experience her boutiques warmth.

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  1. OMG! i walked right by there last night and wanted so badly to ask someone what was going on… I know better now. I can’t believe my fear of seeming nosy kept me from getting in on this. URGH!!! Lesson learned I promise!

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