Timeless | Kenny Lattimore

When it comes to classic R&B, the name Kenny Lattimore certainly jumps to the forefront of many music lovers minds. His melodic music mixed with the proper amount of sensuality has left fans nationwide in a constant search for more Lattimore. 

Kenny’s background has always been musical, but he officially emerged on the scene in 1996 with breakthrough hits “Never too Busy”, and a song that will forever be coined as a wedding thriller, “For You”, the song which still hs circulting rumors that it was written for “Laura Winslow”. Either way, the sudden success not only earned him acclaimed awards such as Best New Artist, but also put the official stamp of approval for Kenny’s longevity in the major music industry.

While the previously mentioned rumors are neither here nor there; it’s no secret that Lattimore is happily married to another one of R&B’s big names, Mrs. Chante Moore (Lattimore). The two have cleverly dashed passed the barriers that most couples face while working in the same industry, all while admitting their relationship from day one. Moore and Lattimore continue to change the game by releasing duet albums, completing joint tours, and gracing lots of stage plays, and most importantly, adding to their beautiful family.

With all of Lattimore’s hard work, it’s evident that he has no plans of letting up any time soon. Many people saw Kenny’s recent hiatus from music as a retreat, but in all honesty, his absence was no absence at all. This is when he actually found the means to grow closer to his wife and kids by committing to complete two duet albums. In fact, most loyal fans call Kenny’s career timeless; which is quite fitting since “Timeless” is the name if Lattimore’s latest album which he released last month on Verve Records.

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