Tity Boi – Busy in the Streets

Tauheed Epps BEtter known as Tity Boi (formerly of Playerz Circle) also known in the streets as 2 Chainz, could easily BE regarded as one of today’s most infectious rappers. Everytime he jumps on a BEat you instantly know it’s BEen stamped by 2 Chainz by the time the first verse is done. It’s obvious he has lots of musical goals in mind an one of them is definitely BEcoming yours…and your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper!

BE Entertained Magazine: You are definitely heavy on your grind right now. You’ve BEen working hard in the streets; what’s good with the mixtape & upcoming projects?

2Chainz: The mixtape is damn near like an album. We’re definitely puting in a lotta time and a lotta grind. We’re planting a lot of seeds and apparently watching them grow right now. I’m feeling extra blessed right now; like you said, a lot of hard work, and it’s all paying off.

BE Mag: A lot of people are calling you the “Feature King” right now. You’re real serious on the radio grind.

2Chainz: Locally, I know a lot of Atlanta artists are reaching out a lot more than they used to; they’re all trying to get the boil now, so it’s kind of bleeding over. Knowing that I’m at a rate right now that it won’t BE within the next six months, people are just taking advantage of of the rate BEcause I plan on going straight up the escalator…straight prosperity.

BE Mag: You kind of hit the ground running after “Duffle Bag Boyz”, which is the first time we chopped it up with you, but you were a part of Playerz Circle with Dolla Boy; is there still a Playerz Circle?

2Chainz: I’m still with the group; Dolla is always gon BE my friend and family for life…DTP family as well, but 2 Chainz is trying to start my own movement, my own campaign. I’m starting my own independent grind and hustle. The things I have in my head I kind of want to see them played out, and I feel like now’s a good time to do it. I’m not really out here looking for meetings, but I do want to create enough buzz so that if and when one [meeting] comes my way, I’ll know how to talk and steer the direction.

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BE Mag: Outside of music, we know that you’re quite the humanitarian. We’ve seen you give more than a few items, including a rack of bikes, to the kids; talk to me about why your heart is so big.

2 Chainz: I know everybody always says they come from the hood, but I’m a street person that’s raised by a single black mother. I’m educated; I didn’t drop out of school, or nothing like that. It hurts my heart sometimes when I see kids that try to BE dumb…that wanna BE dumb, like not even trying to know what’s going on in the world. When people like us get that platform, some of us don’t use it in the right way; as I’m getting this platform, I’m trying to educate and give to some of the people that look up to me for that swag, or that trap talk, or that cocaine music…my way is by giving back and keep ing them educated. I’m looking forward to getting in a position where I can go into schools and talk to the kids about how I used to love to go to school everyday. I was so fresh at school, and that”s what it was.

BE Mag: As Spring is heating the industry up, who are some of the other artists you listen to or get inspiration from?

2Chainz: Man, I don’t listen to other rappers, that’s period. I don’t even like rap like that. I listen to BEats a lot, and I listen to R& a lot. A lot of R&B has strong messages; ain’t nothing I can really get from rap. Earlier in my career, I could listen to somebody that I thought was buzzin, but now I look at em as my competition. I look at em like they’re my food, so I don’t event listen to these dudes. I don’t feel like I should ride out to the club and pull up to the VIP bumping Gucci, or Jeezy, or Lil Wayne. That ain’t really my style. I rarely even listen to my songs…once I record em, I consider them history. I really BE trying to just move forward; I’m a big advocate of prospering.

Tity Boi is more than a rapper though, he’s also the proud father of a two year old daughter that her loves spending time with and letting her know how proud of her he is. It’s refreshing to see an artist that’s so street savvy, but who’s ready to give the world everything that’s in his heart. Make sure you follow Tity Boi on Twitter @2Chainz and download his latest mixtape CODINE COWBOY, which features the hit song “Boo”.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Hannibal Matthews] 

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