What Chilli Really Wants

What Chilli Really WantsRozonda “Chilli” Thomas is one-third of the legendary female group TLC. Ten years ago, Chilli, along with bandmates Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, would be hard at work promoting FanMail, their 3rd smash album which featured the hit singles, “Scrubs” and “Unpretty.” Fast forward to today. The ladies still struggle to cope with the death of Left Eye in 2002 due to a car crash in Honduras. While efforts have been made to move on in the past, like their reality show competition R U The Girl, the present time seems to be the right time for their return to entertainment. 

Last year, Watkins and Thomas would perform together at the Justin Timberlake and Friends benefit concert at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Events Center. At the concert, Watkins announced that she and Thomas plan to record new material. In addition to that effort, Chilli has struck out on her own with her new reality show on VH1 entitled, What Chilli Wants. The show aims to showcase Chilli’s life as she attempts to balance her family life, her romantic life, and her business endeavors. BE Magazine caught up with Chilli to get an idea of what to expect.

J-Write: Hey it’s ya boy J.Write from BE Magazine and I’m on the phone with a legend…not just an Atlanta legend but a legend in the music game please introduce yourself to the readers and listeners!

Chilli: (laughs) Hey, It’s Chilli from TLC!

J-Write: So how are you doing? We’re glad to be talking to you…

Chilli: I’m good, I’m good. Im excited you know about the show coming premiering this Sunday (April 11th).

J-Write: Right, right…you’re doing big things. Can you explain the business behind the show…I know you’re looking for some love.

Chilli: (laughs) Aren’t we all? (laughs) Hey you just go however you need to go about getting it, um, as long as it’s the good stuff! The name of the show is What ChilIi Wants and it’s goIng to be on VH1 premieres this Sunday, April 11th at 10:30 and basically it touches on dating but it also touches on my relationship wIth my son and my family and TLC.

J-Write: Right. So It’s good that you’re merging yourself out there. You have a huge fan base and everybody has been missing you so I’m sure it would be good for everybody to see you and the personal side of Chilli now.

Chilli: Well, you know I’m missing everybody too and so I think thats why I fell in love with Twitter because I really get a chnace to talk to my fans and I think it’s one of those things that you either love it or hate it but I actually love it a lot I read all of the messages and I try to tweet back to most of them

J-Write: So for those that don’t know, shout out your Twitter [page] so people can kind of reach you and get at you.

Chilli: Well, you can get me at OfficialChilli. [twitter.com/officialchilli]

J-Write: So, tell us how you came to get the show you know just give us the background

Chilli: Well the idea came about some years ago when I was doing the show Are You The Girl wIth T-Boz and Chilli and one of the producers Larry Barren that was producing that show and is producIng my show we just kind of linked back up and went to have a meeting with VH1 and they were interested and you know how VH1 reality shows can be (laughs) but I wanted mine to be different and different in a sense to where its not like..I dont even pick the guys for the dates they are blind dates we’re not all in the house shacking up together is nothing like that.

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