Towanda Braxton turns 40 and Embraces her “School Daze”



Last Night The Braxton’s showed up and showed out to celebrate the 40th BE-day of Towanda  aka “The Responsible One”. Known equally for her curvaceous figure and no-nonsense business savvy, Towanda says she is embracing the big 4-0  while  encouraging other women to celebrate their lives instead of hiding or lying about their age. “I feel fabulous and I love the skin I’m in. I’m mature enough to make the right decisions for me and young enough to enjoy it,” Towanda laughs.

The birthday extravaganza was themed  “School Daze” as a  tribute to Spike Lee’s 1988 cult classic movie . “I think high school and college are some of the BEst times of everyone’s life.  I wanted to give my guests a chance to re-visit that carefree time,” says Towanda. “I want everyone to come dressed like their favorite time in school and have a good time .”My oh my did the crowd come dressed to impress! Perfomances for the evening included a full marching band performing a complete halftime like show giving the total Historical Black College or University experience. . Guest included The ENTIRE Braxton family; Toni,Tamar, Traci, Trina, Ms E Father Braxton and brother Micheal Braxton, Meelah Williams (702) Jazzie Pha, Vawn (The New Atlanta) Egypt Sherod (HGTV, V-103), Sammie, Jamie Foster Brown (sister 2 sister Magazine) , Demetria McKinney, Bo Talley, Vina Mills  and maaannnny more!!!

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Images : Darius Voncel Marshal IG: ICapture_Souls

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