Over the last 30 years, fashion and trends have come and gone but too many surprised eyes, they are back again. Many styles that we saw on the streets and cringe at when we look back at old school or family photos have worked their ways back onto the streets and in the wardrobes of us all. If you are reading this issue of BE-Entertained and you’re old enough to understand the impact that Hip Hop has had and continues to hold on our world, then you can only appreciate that Iconic Women that paved the way for the talents we witness today. Some are led to believe that the hottest female rappers flooding the airwaves are the best thing since sliced cheese. But if you know your history then you know that it has been a long journey for females to reach the bars set before them. Not everyone vibes to the same beat or grooves to the same melody as a female spits a hard 16 bars to give us a dope summer joint or sick club banger. Whatever your taste in music and choice of favorite female rapper through the years, one thing is true for them all – they definitely made statements with their lyrics and set trends with their personal style. This is shown below as BE-Style celebrates the artistic, edgy, smooth, sexy, raunchy, hard yet feminine hairstyles and trends sparked by our talented Lady MC’s.





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