Travis Porter – A Family Affair

Who is Travis Porter?

That was the question most asked about the unknown entity that seemingly came on the scene with the single, “All The Way Turnt Up.” In fact, many did not figured Travis Porter was a person and not a group!

What a difference (less than) two years makes!

As we prepare to close out of 2010 and enter into 2011, Travis Porter – comprised of Lakeem “Ali” Mattox, Donquez “Quez” Woods, and Harold “Strap” Duncan – are prepared to take the music game by storm. All of their hard work on the mixtape scene and their efforts promoting their singles (they often lauded the fact that their songs made it to urban radio across the country even as unsigned artists) has earned their company, Porter House Music a major-label deal with Jive Records (Usher, Ciara, Chris Brown, Rich Girl, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and T-Pain are just some of the major artists signed to Jive).

All this on the heels of the success of their current single being added to radio stations nationwide, “Make It Rain.” T.P. released the single as unsigned artists in September 2010 with a viral video that ultimately was the icing of the cake of their deal. The song became the 2nd to chart on Billboard’s Hot 100 after “Go Shorty Go” in 2009. Rain is currently the MTV Jam of the Week, playing every hour on the hour all week long.

If you have followed Travis Porter’s progress, you are aware of how important family is to the group. Ali and Quez are stepbrothers and met Strap in middle school. They started making music in 2006 and have endured their fair share of controversy as they developed into the talents they are today. Porter House Music Group – helmed by CEO Charlie – is a close knit group that has worked tirelessly to drive the trio to the success they have today. Check out the video BElow as T.P. discusses their success and signing to the Jive family. If you’re in the Atlanta area on Tuesday, December 21st, join them at their Fan Appreciation Concert in Atlanta! We will BE sure to give you the recap in our BE-log!

and as a BONUS…check out the “MAKE IT RAIN” VIDEO BElow!

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