Travis Porter “Music, Money, & Magnums” Mixtape Release Party

Travis Porter officially shut down Room Service last night for their “Music, Money, Magnums” Mixtape Release Party in Atlanta. These have to BE three of the hardest working guys in the game, which is why JIVE obviously snatched them right up.

What I love about TRAAAAVVVYYYYY is that while they’ve gotten their major deal, their still keeping their movement true to it’s roots by dropping mixtapes & always communicating with the fans. Last night, they even stopped to show our Jr. Interns some love. Real TP fans are going to bang to the mixtape too; there’s a lot of good tracks that make you want to get extra turnt up. There’s also a bunch of “stripper” songs, which always makes for a good shake down. Gloss Da Boss, Once Chance, Fifthy1Fifty (a dope Rap/Rock band), PrincessDigital, & a bunch of others came out to support TP.

Peep the video! “Music, Money, Magnums” drops at 7Pm (on 2/2/11) via

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