Trey Songz Meet & Greet at DTLR in Atlanta

Atlantic Records, Hot 107.9 Atlanta, and DTLR teamed up over the weekend to bring fans a private Trey Songz meet & greet at the DTLR Camp Creek. You couldn’t win tickets to this one, nor were you given any information on location until a few hours BEfore the meet & greet was scheduled; Hot 107.9 tweeted the secret location at 10:00 AM, and by noon, the line was pretty much packed…fans waited until about 4PM BEfore getting their 10 seconds with Trey…YUUUUUUP, I said 10 seconds (if that). Plus you had to have or buy the album to get an autograph; now that’s some real fan support. For those that missed out, hopefully you have your ticket to the OMG Tour staring Usher, Trey, and Miguel.

Check the pics…Shouts to Swagggirlicious (Adrienne Lawson) & the My Star Access Team (Shaleea Lucki Johnson) for enduring that with us & the FANS! BIG thanks to Moses (Warner Bros Music Group) & Yancey (Atlantic) for looking out for media too! We appreciate it always!

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