Turnt Up w/ Travis Porter



When you hear the name Travis Porter, you think “dang dis dude is crunk as hell!!” But when you see Travis Porter, to your surprise you’ve actually been a lil hoodwinked, bamboozled, and lead astray. That’s right, them T. Porter boys consist of: Strap da FooFoo, Quez, and Ali – a group of 3 young friends from Decatur, GA that’s definitely ALL THA WAY TURNT UP!!! The name spawned from their creative side of thinking, which they concluded that the former name “HEAVY HITTAZ” wasn’t quite “heavy” enough. “The name Travis Porter is a conversation piece for people that hear the name for the first time” says Quez (one third of the group). Just like all of us, everybody is curious to know about TP.

Quez & Ali (by marriage) are now step brothers, and Quez & Strap have been best friends sincethe 6th grade. Now they’ve joined forces to bring you the hottest #1 UNSIGNED group on myspace, twitter, and facebook. They have since dropped sum of the hottest, crunkest, club hits in Atlanta that’s getting plenty of air play on radio & internet radio stations across the country!! Sometimes these guys don’t even get a chance to close their eyes at night – from radio station interviews, to magazine and web interviews, to shopping, to performing, to messing with the hot chicks, to tweeting the hell out of twitter, to them just being Traavvyyyyyyyyy!!!!! This proves that they are some of the hardest working playmakaz in the game. Thanks to the web and twitter, these guys are amped up, crunked up, and turnt up for millions of their fans and followers. As a matter of fact, over half of the football teams in Atlanta (from elementary to college, including Georgia Tech) are all da way turnt up wit deez guys. (SHOUTS OUT TO: ROSCOE DASH, the originator of that song)! T. Porter has dropped several mixedtapes including: “Differenter”, “Differenter2”, and “Streets R Us” with So Icey Entertainments own Wacka Flacka Flame. Their unadulterated songs include hits like “Back Door” feat. Tha Joker, “A.d.i.d.a.s”, “Blackboy Whiteboy”, “Lemme Thru”, and the drunk-inspired hit “Waffle House” just to name a few. They’ve got also slow, and sexy bedroom joints like “Naked”, “Private Party”, “Nasty Girl”, and “Can I hitter” {all rated-R}. When it’s time to go live, they crunk to da max with hits like “Un Huh” feat. J Money, “Hell U Talm Bout” feat. So Icey Boys, “Bananas” feat. Wacka Flacka, and their latest #1 single “Go Shorty Go”. {for behind the scenes coverage of the videshoot, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAmQiL925ug)

BE Magazine caught these guys hard @ work – from the casting call for the Go Shorty Go video, to MCKiddTV covering exclusive footage of the videshoot, to performing live @ a venue in Atlanta (college park). We had to BE there as these guys gave us an exclusive interview and walk-thru on Travis Porter.

{Shouts to: DJ Teknikz, KE (producer), Street Execs, So Icey Ent, Porterhouse 2010}



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