Twista – Hustler's Ph.D

Chicago is definitely a city on the come up when it comes to hip hop acceptance, and Carl Terrell Mitchell, better known as Twista, can be attributed for much of that success. Twista’s story is one filled with an unnatural hustle which has seen the insides of the the ups and downs of the industry, but somehow he’s continued to not only maintain a high level of relevence, but reps hard for his city everytime the flood gates open and the killer emcee with flow that breezes through as fast as hurricane tides spits on a track.

Twista shoudn’t be much of a hidden secret to anybody having dropped his first album, Runnin’ Off at da Mouth close to 2 decades ago in 1991, & soon after was given the credit as the fastest emcee in the world by Guinness World Records. At that point Tung Twista was his alias & he had Chi-Town radio stations on lock. Everybody wondered who this dude was rapping extra quick, but you could actually understand the lyrics. The entire midwest region knew there was something unique about to set off, but the rest of the world would soon got captured in Twista’s whirlwind, after dropping the Tung from his stage name, and again going hard for his city with a group of hopeful potentials, Do or Die, who along with Twista can be given the crown for showcasing what Chi-Town is infamously known for…money & pimpin’. Twista rightfully sealed a deal with Atlantic records, and dropped a rider’s classic Adrenaline Rush which Twista says any hustler can still relate to over 10 years later. Adrenaline Rush brought Twista lots of unknown mainstream success with the singles “Get it Wet” and “Emotions”, but Twista somehow had a certain disconnect from the industry. Some speculate that he’s always been ahead of the hustle, but every grinder knows “what’s meant to BE will always BE”.

By 2004, Twista was no longer the small name spiral rapper with the big accolades, he was getting the much deserved stamp by artists like Jay Z, Kanye West, and Jamie Foxx, which led to the release of his forth studio album Kamikaze. Twista teamed up with a star-studded team including R.Kelly, Ludacris, and again Kanye & Jamie Foxx for the #1 hit “Slow Jamz”. Twista started sculpting Kamikaze in 02, and took two years before dropping it, which was key in making sure that he didn’t come through with his tide prematurely this time. As with any big storm, Twista decided to stick hard in the midst of the energy & became a household select for feature appearences, solidifying him as a real artist and finally giving him his graduation papers .

With a resume so full one would think that even the huster’s hustler might want to slow down and take a break, but not Twista. He was blessed with grad-school swag which has given him the ability to resurface time and time again. Twista has currently returned to the his chi-town roots and has the ladies “Wetter” than ever, all in preparation for the next stage of his storm which comes in the form of Twista’s eighth studio album Category F5. Twista has definitely taken the appropriate notes on the game and coud probably teach the class, but yet he’s humble enough to know that everything he’s accomplished is a blessing of the grind and hustle. Category F5 will be the first release on Twista’s own label Get Money Gang, along with EMI/Capitol, and will be the mix of Tung Twista and the new Twista. As you can see from the lead single “Wetter”, he’s returned to the Do or Die style of Chicago music with them on a track and the return of Psychodrama, but will still infuse a good mix of the indusrty heavy hitters like Akon, Lil Boosie, R.Kelly, Bobby V, and Kanye. Category F5 is set to hit land on July 14th

Here is the official video for “Wetter”
Twista’s Discography: Hustling at it’s BEst…the writing’s on the wall!

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