Tysha Ampadu – Wardrobing for the Sexes

Tysha Ampadu, a born and bred Brooklyn girl, she is the 1st daughter of 2 Ghanaian parents. Influence by her mom’s passion for fashion and her dad’s George Jefferson swagger, it was inevitable she’d walk the path of fashion. Her first intersection began with a small tee shirt line called Society Seventy-7. Shortly after she’d be ask to dress upcoming acts and solo artist, which lead to the career in fashion styling. Tysha has a unique sense of style and artistry along with an amazing ability to communicate and inspire. Since beginning her career as a freelance fashion stylist, Tysha Ampadu is quickly rising to prominence, in doing so she has contributed to magazines, videos, commercials and short film.

Ms. Ampadu has worked with notable celebrities like hip hop recording artist Lil Flip, iconic rap group Naughty By Nature, Ray J, 36 Mafia, Lyfe Jennings, Lloyd, Lil Mama, and R&B recording Joe, Tristian Wilds, Angel Taylor of Trin-i-tee 5:7 and notable Top Model contestant Toccarra Jones. She’s also work on various television projects such as MTV’s TRL, and Late Night with Carson Daily, NBC’s Las Vegas, Showtime at The Apollo, and Starz Network On The B-Side. As head stylist of the BET Network for 4 years, (2005-2009) she’s also work with TV personalities Free, AJ, Big Tigger, Julissa Bermudez, Jeff Johnson, Rocsi, Terrence J, Melyssa Ford and Sharon Carpenter. Her resume boosts list of notable BET productions, some which include The BET Awards, Spring Bling, 106& Park, Rap City, 106&Gospel and BET Hip Hop Awards to name a few. 

  A love for the commercials and film, Ms. Ampadu has recently crossed over to the world of costume design, providing wardrobe for commercials like Mountain Dew Democracy and an MTV public service announcement. She also worked on short films Green St. and Jackpot. As a wardrobe stylist and costumer, Ms.Ampadu is dedicated to providing the perfect look for each client and lives by the motto It’s not what you rock… but how you rock it. 

Ms Ampadu is also the founder of the successful blog Worldofflygirls, and online accessory boutique ChicsrockCharms. In the near future she hopes to inspire beautiful young girls through her non-profit organization called BrunchWithTy.


BE-Style: What are some tips for couples merging wardrobes and closet space?

TA:  My suggestion for couples merging wardrobe/closet space is DON’T. (Just joking)

It can totally be done. Besides keeping their closet up-to-date from season to season, couples should consider purging their wardrobe by realistically disposing of unwanted items and donating them to they’re local Salvation Army, Shelter/Mission, or reselling to a consignment stores. I’ve always liked the idea of incorporating unisex items into the closets for example hats, scarves, turtlenecks, cardigans (depending on the sizes of the couple). Which works out for the ladies because the “boyfriend look” is still in, so we can throw on his button ups, tees, and sweatshirts. The most important suggestion to a unisex closet I can offer is organization. Try purchasing wardrobe bins and hanger units, which will provide the maximum amount of space for denims and bulky sweaters.  If that doesn’t work just give us (the ladies) the closet.


BE-Style: Name some staples/wardrobe items to reduce clutter in closet?  

TA:  Some staples items that should be considered when attempting to reduce clutter are the essentials. I suggest items like a blazer for multiple pairs of slacks or trousers, a classic trench, denim jeans, a crisp white button up (fitted for the ladies), tee(s) in basic colors like black, grey, cream and of course white, a sexy black dress for the ladies, a great tailored black suit for the men, and a great dress coat.


BE-Style: What made you decide to go into the fashion industry?

TA:  I’ve always loved fashion, looking back at my earlier years my whole world revolved around fashion and entertainment but I didn’t realize it. It wasn’t until a moment in the 90’s that I realized I had a “passion for fashion”. I had the biggest high school party to go to and couldn’t find the outfit that I pictured in my head in any of the stores. So, I didn’t go and the boy I was checking for ended up with my best friend. From that point on I began getting pieces made and designing my own tee shirts.


BE-Style: What’s your take on couples that wear matching outfits?  

TA:  There’s nothing sexier then a stylish couple but couples that wear matching outfits are an extreme measure, taken to prove that they are an item. If it’s not a sporting event nor are you working out then try your best to avoid this one.  When dressing or attending an event together, couples should complement each while maintaining their individual identity.  

Let’s stick to his and her robes, towels, and watches.


BE-Style: When a single woman dresses sexy, do you believe that she should change their style of dressing after “catching” their new partner?  

TA:  Not necessarily, it’s matter of where and when. While I do believe a woman with a partner should dress in a respectful manner, she should still always mai
ntain a level of sexiness. The great thing about fashion is there’s a look for every moment and if it’s done the right way, you can execute the same message. So, I would leave the freak’em dress for the night out with the girls in the city or a romantic night with your man.


BE-Style: What made you decide to start the fashion blog? 

TA:  As a fashion stylist and nosey person, I found myself constantly privy to the coolest information. In a celebrity driven world, I believe we focus too much on the celebrity not the things that make celebrity. For example, instead of looking at pictures of JayZ and Beyonce walking out of their favorite restaurant, why not inform yourself as to why that restaurant is chosen. Is the food good? What type of cuisine are they serving? What’s the price point of the menu? The same goes for fashion as well, why not know what Rihanna is wearing before she wears it – paying attention to the ad campaigns, runways, and stories on the brightest new designers will always keep you in the know. There are a culmination of ideas, reasons, and by design moments that make things the way they are. And through my online presence, I attempt to reveal just that. Worldofflygirls focuses on making the common person the celebrity by giving them information to things celebrities know.




For more information: {WWW.CHICSROCKCHARMS.COM , WWW.WORLDOFFLYGIRLS.COM , Twitter/worldofflygirls.com }

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