Up Close & Personal w/ Cartier Kitten

BE Magazine: I’m sitting here with Brick Squad Monopoly’s fine first lady Miss Cartier Kitten.
Cartier Kitten: MEOW

BE Magazine: Mizay is repping so hard for you right now, how’d you get your start with the laBEl?
Cartier Kitten: I actually met Debra at a Core DJ’s retreat in Orlando Florida. It was kind of inevitable. I ran into her & she liked the way I looked. Without me really saying anything to her, she liked my appearance. Then due to the feedback I was receiving down there, she started to ask about me; one thing led to another, & I ended up flying back from New York, where I was living at the time, I got a phone call from my manager at the time telling me that Debra was interested in me & she wanted to fly me down to Atlanta to meet [with] her & Waka. I flew down, & two days after getting back to New York, I flew to Atlanta, & the rest is history.  I ended up meeting Waka and recoreding “Snakes in the Grass” on the first day. It was kind of like they put me on the spot [laughs], testing me. He was already recording snakes in the grass when I walked in the studio & he asked me, “do you sing or do you rap?” I was like I rap, and he was like “oh yeah, write something to this…”. “Snkaes in the Grass” is what led me to BEing the 1st lady of Brick Squad Monopoly…that day!


BE Magazine: How long have you BEen rapping & doing music?
Cartier Kitten: I’ve always had a passion for music. I’ve BEen doing music my whole life. I seriously started rapping about 2 years ago. BEfore I was kind of just playing around with it & writing songs. So I started rapping seriously when I was 17…I’m 19 now.

BE Magazine: You clearly have a very unique style; how would Cartier define her own style?
Cartier Kitten: Ummmm, my style is like…gosh, I don’t even know how to define my own style. I guess I would just say EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED; you never really know what I’m going to look like the next time you see me. Of course, I’m going to always have my Mohawk; that’s my signature, I’ve had it for years. I just love to BE different. Anything that I wear I just want to look different, every time you see me, I just want to look different from the last time. Although you might catch me in black a lot, but I’m still working on naming my style…to BE honest. [laughs]

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