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Bravado, confidence, and the vocals to support what he asserts. To say that it was a pleasure interviewing artist Majesty would BE an understatement. I was honored to BE in the presence of someone who is humbled, focused, and gives his all to his craft.

When conducting the interview, I found myself inspired by Majesty, as I could get a strong sense of the drive and passion Behind each word expressed. Further, when I say that your ears will BE in for a treat, and that the BEats will lead to a head bob or sway, BElieve me. Take a glimpse into our conversation.

1. Formally introduce us to Majesty.

Majesty is your new favorite artist and future Mogul. No one and I mean no one can smash a live show performance like me! Period! I have to go in for my fans! I am a young Pop R&B singer that has respect for the music I grew up with, but I am also inspired tremendously by all things that are contemporary. I am also a songwriter, actor, and all around business man with a degree in English from Morehouse College. I have opened for artists such as Fantasia, Waka Flocka, and Kelly Rowland.  I own a new entertainment production company called Majesty Studios, and we specialize in public relations, event planning, and artist development!  It is important that I inspire people to get an education and dream victoriously! Listen, I know how challenging life can BE by BEing a Hurricane Katrina survivor and losing damn near everything in the flood.  I am making music that serves as therapy for my fans and I absolutely love it when my growing fan base lets me know how much I mean to them!  My fans mean the world to me and I want to satisfy them!

2. What can we expect to hear from your music? What do you aspire to bring toward the airwaves?

I have had the opportunity to have several of my songs hit the airways but I am looking for heavy rotation once a label puts a reasonable deal on the table!  I have turned down about five deals BEcause label conditions do not always have my BEst interest in mind.   My song “Dip and Dot” received plenty of airplay back in New Orleans, LA where I am from and I have sold over 12,400 copies as an independent artist! So I am good for now, but I am seeking placement soon! From my music, my fans can expect to have a good ass time Ya Heard me!  Life is short and I want to continue to make music with serious subject matter, but I also love writing and performing songs about enjoying life, going to the club, and popping a few expensive ass bottles!  That is a part of my life just as well as my moments of devastation and I am sure my fans, The Majesty Mafia, can feel me on that.

3. Who are your musical influences?

First I will say I have been compared to artists such as Jason Derulo, Jeremih, Sisqo, Bobby V, and Anthony Hamilton but I just do my own thing. My main musical influences are my fans! I am here to serve them.  I am a classically trained singer so I am inspired by anyone from Mozart to Tevin Cambell and all the way down to 2 Chains.  To BE honest I pull inspiration from everything I hear, feel, and see ; I find away to internalize it and I make it my own and then I deliver it to my fans!

4. I thoroughly enjoy your strong and rich vocals off of your CD “Suspense.” Could you descriBE or give us a glimpse into some of your life experiences that have helped shaped the album?

I thank you so much, many may not know, but I recorded the bulk of that album when I was in high school with the exception of my soulful ballad “Stay.” I released it years later BEcause I did not want the songs to go unheard BEcause I took a break from music to get my education.  No one knows that so get the exclusive. With that being said, my song “Dip and Dot” produced by myself and Dark Dred can BE played right after a new Usher joint and no one would know It preceded Usher.  I make music that is timeless.  Basically the main concept BEhind “Suspense” was the word itself; the feeling of not knowing what will happen next in your life.  I specialize in predicting my future and the BEst way to do that is to create it. I created a sound, created a team, got radio play, and gained my fans. When you do that, you have a BEtter chance of knowing how successful your outcome will BE and if you will sale albums; I did!


5. If you could collaborate with any artist (new or established) who would it BE and why?

Without a doubt, Janelle Monae.  I saw her growth as an artist and our story draws many parallels.  Janelle Monae has BEcome a celebrity and a Cover Girl because she said she would! She worked damn hard and she claimed it!  I remember seeing  “J” hold her independent showcases and selling her C.D’s at the door just like me and then BOOM! She is traveling the world and on MTV with Beyonce and them!  I was like… Did I not just talk to her the other day in Little 5 points or at Morehouse! I actually wrote a song with Janelle and myself in mind and I would love to make it happen! Her spirit and talent is mesmerizing! I am proud of her!

6. Throughout listening to the album, I found myself hypnotized by the entrancing BEats. Who did you collaborate with regarding production, and how was the studio experience for you?

I recorded in Atlanta, New York, and Florida, but the bulk of the vocals were recorded in Louisiana, prior to me BEcoming a Pop/R&B artist, I was at the cutting edge of New Orleans Bounce Music. For those that may not know, Travis Porter’s sound, T.I ‘s new single “Ball,” and Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” borrow from New Orleans Bounce.  On the Album I have a song that was remixed by my friend and Bounce Legend; DJ Black N Mild! I want to thank Dark Dred Productions, Madd Mike, and Glen Sheck Mastering for their production or advise on the album.

7. I sense a strong element of “New Orleans Bounce” in your music. How has New Orleans shaped who you are personally and musically?

I started off and had a deal as a New Orleans Bounce artist, I was recording a different project and an old song I have called “They Said That” was just starting to BE played on the radio.  I love bounce music because there is no music like it!  As soon as a bounce song comes on it just takes over you! The BEat is so infectious, New Orleans overall is so rich in culture and the people there are so genuine. If you ever want an honest opinion, ask somebody from New Orleans.  People from Louisiana and the N.O are family and we really try to stick together.  Personally, those values stick with me and I tried to do what ever I can do for my fans.  Musically, New Orleans has taught me to BE fearless and to take risks!  My song “Dip and Dot” was a risk and it has been paying off ever since!

8. What artists or what type of music could I expect on your personal playlists or iPod?

On my playlist you can expect to here some dope sh*t!    Kimbra, LeAndrea Johnson Tevin Cambell, Erykah Badu, Aaliyah, 2 Chains and so many others!  I am also a fan of new Artist s Taj Enphiniti, BLISS, Gadiva, and Jade Nova.

9. What future projects do you have in store?

I have many future products in store for my fans! I appreciate them so much! I just finished filming a few episodes of Bravo’s The Kandi Factory hosted by Kandi Burruss. I am an amazing songwriter and I am open to writing for more producers in Atlanta!  Also, I will BE performing in Japan this year for all my international fans! My production company is looking for talent to BE featured in film and television. I am working on a brand new album, and I have few deals on the table. I am doing PR for Taj Enphiniti who is a star on the new sitcom, “For Richer or For Poorer” with Letoya Luckett and Jackee Harry!  I am also fortunate to BE apart of Alix Lapri of Crown World Entertainment’s team (Jacob Latimore).  In the mean time, you can follow me @majestymajesty on twitter for a string of upcoming shows and appearances in the southeast.

10. How can our readers experience your music? (Could you forward us contact information, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

My music is available on ITunes, Amazon.com, and in select stores.  The BEst ways for my fans and potential fans to support me and get my music is via my twitter www.twitter.com/majestymajesty , my website www.michaelmajesty.com, or www.about.me/majesty.  Or you can just call out my name and I will come running hahaha!!!! I just want to make people happy and appreciate themselves more! I also want to connect with my fans while I really have the time to do it at this stage of my career!  It is always most effective for artist to BE supported in the BEginning stages! Join the Majesty Mafia! I will never forget the ones who help me build my empire!  Let me BE your friend and personal Celebrity.

**Thank you so very much! Thanks BE Magazine I will never forget you!**

Think. Exist. BE.



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