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On May 8th, 2014 I had the pleasure to interview an upcoming indie artist by the name of Vtwelv. Vtwelv came to Columbia, SC to compete in recording artist Yung L.A.’s rock the mic competition. The competition was a battle cypher of sorts with the winner to receive a custom BEat from renown producer Zaytoven. I managed to catch up with him a couple hours before the competition during his photoshoot session.  VTwelvs photo session came equipped with a hard hitting staff. His staff included Alayshia Semone (Erica Mena’s Hair Styist), VollyWood (Clothing Designer), Zoe Dupree (Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist) and all took place in Area57 which provides clothing for many of the hottest performers and entertainers such as French Montana, Mike (from day 26), Yung L.A., Bow Wow, and Myself – BE Magazine’s SC Contributor. Check out his interview.


JY: So tell me about yourself, where are you from?

    Vtwelv: – I’m from Beaufort, SC.

JY: Oh yea, right by the water?

    Vtwelv: – Yea boss

JY: Oh so plenty of BEautiful women?

    Vtwelv: – If you like that kind of thing

JY: So tell me about your career. What do you do, you rap right?

    Vtwelv: – Yea I’m out here rapping and grinding man, I also write poetry

JY: Oh you right poetry, What kind of poetry do you write?

    Vtwelv: – I write about real stuff

JY: What kind of real stuff?

    Vtwelv: – I write about the good, the bad, the females, money, and life. Everything that I love and hate.

JY: In regards to  your rapping, I assume you incorporate your poetry to BEtter relate to your audience?

    Vtwelv: – Kind of, my rap is more or less storytelling

JY: With your rap who would you say you closely resemble?

    Vtwelv: – I’m in a lane of my own

JY: So you can’t be compared to anyone?

    Vtwelv: – I mean people compare me to a lot of people but I’m just simply in a lane of my own

JY: I understand that, So what do you have coming up with your music?

    Vtwelv: – I have a single out called Geechie Ecstasy, it’s something real smooth, and sexy type music. I also have a track called Fast Life. Fast Life is my life story, it’s real lyrics.

JY: So tell me about your fashion choices. Of course as a rapper you have to have the appearance to match your music.

    Vtwelv: – I just be keeping it simple like right now rocking out with Levi’s, it’s a Levi day and Jordans.

JY: What brought you to Columbia, SC?

    Vtwelv: – I’m here grinding and networking. Trying to get my name out here.

JY: So basically branding yourself?

    Vtwelv: – Fa Sho

JY: Cool, where can we find you on  Social Media?

    Vtwelv: – I have a soundcloud, Soundcloud.com/TheVTwelv   Follow me on twitter @PortRoyal and on Instagram @thevtwelv

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By: Jeffrey Young / SC Contributor / BE-Style

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