Vedo the Singer: The Star …by Daon Drisdom

18 years old, born Wilbart McCoy III, Michigan raised, dancer, rising R&B and POP singer. These are the things that come to mind when you hear the name Vedo The Singer.  Starting at an early age, the young energetic artist’s mom recognized the gift that was embedded in Vedo and BEgan to request for him to sing to help him develop and embrace his wonderful talents.

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As Vedo continued to sing and perform different places, including his home BEnton Harden, Michigan, the time came for him blow up the studio and start to record his own music.  First recording at 12 years old and then moving on to record his own music, he is now reaping the BEnefits of his God given talent.  With his vocals on point, his dancing through the roof, and swag DEFINITELY on deck, this young and sexy artist is pushing his way and sending his music through the air waves to capture us in the creativity of his music.  Vedo says that he only wishes to make positive music and give his listeners music they can viBE to.  And when you listen to songs like his new hit single Traffic Jam, you will see that his music makes you dance and feel good.  More songs that illuminate the TV and radio waves are Set it on Fire, What Does it Take, If You Ever Ask Me Why and his new Pop record Give You the World. These songs and the music that Vedo makes gives an emotional appeal to his supporters BEcause the things that he sings about are his very own emotions and the things in life that he cherishes the most.

The inspiration of this innovative singer comes from familiar places to us all: R&B, Pop, Jazz, and not to mention his early start in the church.  Those who give him the drive and inspiration are big time names like R. Kelly, Trey Songz and one of his all-time favorites Chris Brown.  Along with these powerhouse artists, Vedo The Singer wishes to restore the world of R&B by actually singing and giving great performances.  When asked what is missing from current R&B music, Vedo says that the absence of true singers like Marvin Gaye is what the industry is missing the most.  And to BE a solution to that problem, he makes a bold and confident vow to sing, no strings attached, no winging…pure and genuine singing!

As far as his future collaborations and performances go, Vedo wants to grind in the studio with Chris Brown and the Queen of Hip-Hop Nicki Minaj.  He admires Nicki Minaj’s ability to take anything and run with it and deliver.  And with Chris Brown, not only does he want to make a hit single with him; Vedo would love to have a dance and singing contest with him.  Vedo recently performed at one of the 107.9 Birthday Bash (Atlanta) After Parties & this year he plans to network and connect with everyone he can.

Check out this hard working, young,  successful artist on the mainstream.  He looks forward to working with big time artists and producers in the business and he will do nothing less than deliver to us!  Check out his upcoming tour dates and performances on his website at, like his page on Facebook at, and follow him on twitter @VedoTheSinger Also check out his awesome single “Traffic Jam” now available on iTunes.

Story by Daon Drisdom

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