Verse: Here to Re-VERSE the Game



Meet Imelda “VERSE” Ransby, the Latina “femcee” that brought the ultimate HEAT for BE Entertained Magazine’s BE Talk Radio Female Rap Battle on July 19th. When you initially hear Verse, you don’t automatically think her tongue is ready for the rapid fire that she’a about to unload, but once the BEat was turned on, all other female contestants needed to duck from 1st lyric…this chica came with gloves on, ready for the BATTLE! A couple rounds later, and a few possible hurt feelings, Vers was crowned BE’s 1st Female Battle Champ! Along with winning a FREE BEAT from producer Ribah on the Beat, Verse is getting the opportunity to show the BE readers exactly who she is & what she plans to do in the game! Check out our feature interview BElow with the ever-so-SPICY Verse; she really is here to RE-VERSE the game!!!


BE Magazine: Tell the readers who you are & what you do.


VERSE: I am a Puerto Rican rap artist from Milwaukee, WI. I live in Detroit and represent the Great Lakes / Midwest Region. I wear many hats and have a passion for other areas in the business as well. I know how to silk screen so I am starting a t-shirt line. I am a landlord with my real estate license, college student about to graduate, a great mom, and a wonderful wife. My family supports me a lot and that’s what keeps me going.


BE Mag: How long have you been rapping & wanting to pursue music on a larger scale?


VERSE: I have been rapping since I was a little girl around the age of 10. I loved rap music and was so intrigued by it. I would write down the lyrics to all the music I listen to and began to see the strategy and what it took to write a song. It wasn’t until high school when I started to test the waters and actually step out there and take my chances. My first big break was in Las Vegas, when I did a show for the

documentary Pimps Up Hoes Down. That’s when people started seeing me as an artist. I started pursuing music in the larger scale about 7 years ago when I released a 5 song CD called Dollar Girl where we sold 5000 copies just in the city of Milwaukee alone. My cousin who was my business partner helped me with that project and that’s where I began to see that I had to take a different approach with my music and that meant to regrouping. I am now with MJR Entertainment out of Detroit, MI, which is my home right now. I am comfortable right now and in a great place to pursue my music. No one said the journey was easy so I am being extra tough on myself and definitely FOCUSED.


BE Mag: You have a very unique style BEing that you rap in 2 languages. Tell us about that & how that has helped you in your career?


VERSE: Actually it has put a stamp on my image. You don’t hear about too many Latinas rapping and trying to pursue the RAP career. There are some you just have to go to areas where the population has Latinos like New York. If you’re going to claim that versatility in you, the talent has to be there. If you are a Latino who claims to rap you are going to have to back it up. I back it up 100% and plan to hopefully record with some Reggaeton or Spanish well know artists.


BE Mag: When it comes to your passion in music, what do you ultimately want to do and/or go with the music?


VERSE: I want to show the business driven female who takes the business part and emphasizes it to the youth. It’s a tough industry you have to find your lane and ride it until the wheels fall off. Claim that space and make it your own. Decorate it and create that vision that you see needs some attention. Not too many females rapping about love, the corporate woman who gets up for that 9 to 5 job, the house wife who keeps her house hold together and the single mom who struggles everyday. You can still write about those things and keep it GANGSTA. Rap is full of emotions that you need to find and put them into a story.


BE Mag: Who are some of the women in hip hop that you look up to & aim to work with?


VERSE: I look up to all the women in this isle. Those beautiful hard core women on the cover of this month BEMagazine issue have a piece of them inside of me. I don’t knock the hustle especially knowing how HARD it is for us to have a voice in this industry. It’s difficult already. I would love to work with all of them. They all have skills that I admire. So we’ll see. Only time will tell.


BE Mag: How was it entering BE Entertained Magazine’s 1st female emcee battle? And then to take home the prize…how does all of that feel? You came in ripping the ladies right away!


VERSE: It felt great. The exposure was definitely there. The love was heart warming and I couldn’t ask for it to go down any other way. BE-Entertained Magazine deserves all the credit. This door will be opening up other doors so I am truly humbled about this entire experience.


BE Mag: Where can the BE Magazine readers find more of your work & get a chance to socialize with you?


VERSE: The readers can find me on twitter Verse.


BE Mag: Anything else you want to tell the readers & your fans?


VERSE: Thank YOU. Lets keep the SUPPORT coming and BE on the look out for my MIXTAPE the RE-VERSE… LEGGGGOOOOOO !!!!!



VERSE battled Madam Krook in the 1st Round & BEat her w/ 10 Votes to 3
VERSE battled Ms. Atlanta in the Final Round & BEat her w/ 11 Votes to 5 
You can still catch the FEMALE BATTLE by visiting  



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