Vistoso Bosses – We’re on FIRE

I first noticed Kelci & Taylah P. at Soulja Boy’s Swagged out B’Day party & from the time they hit the party all eyes were on them. Yeah, it was obvious that they weren’t the average run-of-the-mill girls. They bounced in with a style like none other (even though everybody’s rocking the Vistoso 80’s throwback style now), and BEfore they hit the stage (which was a soaked tennis court outside of the party mansion) I clearly knew that these two ladies would somehow BE show stoppers, and after seeing their quirky performance, I (and the rest of the audience) was completely convinced.

It’s been over 2 years since that initial meeting and what sticks out most about Vistoso Bosses (Vistoso is the Spanish term for Gorgeous) is their hard core ambition which parallels their spunky way of life. Many would assume that Vistoso’s  unique style is one that’s given, and/or taken from artists that have come BEfore them, but from day one I’ve seen these hard working singer/rappers maintain a solitary, uncommon fashion sense that seems to BE working for them. That and the fact that they’re quite gregarious! Every time I’ve run into the duo since our initial meeting, they’ve come up to us (or vice versa) with a hug…and usually a “dang, you BE everywhere” follows. These girls have that “IT” factor that makes it easy to like them and makes you want to hear more about what they do and how they do it! They just seem so fun!

This obviously has transpired over well to a nice mass public BEcause at the last event we caught Vistoso Bosses at not only was the audience captivated by their almost militant, yet eccentric stage presence, they stood the test of the heatwave just to get an autograph of their latest mixtape The World Would Suck without Girls. Check out a portion of their live performance of “Tattoo” at the Greenbriar Back to School Rally; we’ve also compiled some of our favorite Vistoso multimedia items…have fun listening and watching this spunky duo; I promise you won’t BE dissatisfied! Make sure you check out the ladies on twitter @VistosoBosses2

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