Voneva Glam

BE-Style: What is it about your design aesthetic and/or perspective that sets you apart from others in the industry?
VG: My ability to take chances, go against the rules and convince my clients to trust that I have their best interest at heart from an image and lifestyle perspective.

BE-Style: How long have you been in the business?
VG: 8 years

BE-Style: Do you believe the new looks will aid in the viewer’s love of the cast?
VG: The new looks this season certainly speak a lot to where the cast are in their lives two years later. For all glamour and fashion lovers this season gives you so much stimulation in addition to the drama!

BE-Style: Would you share some of your most memorable jobs in the industry?
VG: Working with our department head Kim Kimble on The Game was definitely memorable for me. She’s an industry icon and works with so many celebrities and to have the opportunity to work with her is really a blessing. Also, working on Janice Dickinson’s Model Maker was memorable the energy was crazy and I loved the fast pace on that final episode.

BE-Style: At what point in your career did you realize that you were doing what you loved?
VG: The moment I started. I get to experience the greatest high when I can be creative. People don’t realize how intimate of a job I have when you’re in someone head it’s bigger than just creating a look for them it’s very spiritual and lots of energy flowing back and forth. So I try to stay mindful of that you know? I play a lot of roles to my clients and they mean a lot to me. From the things they share with me, advice we share, to the looks I create for them, its all a big deal. I’m giving not only my talents but also apart of me and I love giving and creating. I couldn’t ask for a greater gift.

BE-Style: Are you slated as the lead artist for the entire season?
VG: No, the Head of the Hair Department was Kim Kimble but like most television production there are teams of stylists that work during the season and I was honored to be one of them.

BE-Style: Did each member of the cast embrace the changes for their individual character?
VG: Of course they did. They’re all great actors and take their craft seriously so it was amazing to see them do what they do and really portray the new changes.

BE-Style: What can we expect to see from you in the new future?
VG: A lot of Branding is in the works. Definitely a Hairline and Product Line, Great events and programs launching for my Non-Profit Glam for Life which deals with suicide in communities of color, and few more things we can’t talk about right now but let’s just say it’s going to be revolutionary and cosmic for the hair and beauty industry.

For more information: visit www.vonevadenham.com
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