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BE MAG: Hey Vonzell, now we first saw your on American Idol where you made quite a name for yourself, But you are also a songwriter, model and spokesperson. Can you share with our readers about your brand and , Who is Vonzell Solomon? In your words.

Vonzell: Well Who is Vonzell, I am a little chocolate girl from Fort Myers, FL *chuckles. I love music, the ends and outs of it (Writing, performing, recording). I also grew up doing musical theater. I went to an Arts school i studied classical and opera music for 8 years. Ive been entertaining since a young kid. I grew up in Martial Arts as well and my dad actually has a Martial Arts school. I’m a black belt. So we would go out and sing in community for folks and do demonstrations. It was all about doing the right thing you know. So my dad started to notice that i could sing and was like you should do something with it when we do our raps. I would sing Brandy (who is my favorite) and Whitney Houston songs. From there my dad has been my manager and been behind me this whole time. He is my ace ride or die. Ive done American Idol and traveled the world since then performing. I just released my EP “True Story” its on Itunes. I have done some modeling. Living the dream now.

BE MAG: Is family what keeps you grounded?

Vonzell: OH YES! and i have a huge family. All are a big support system in everything i do. They pick me up when I’m down. Having them means the world to me. When you do American Idol afterwards there is this period where psychologically you go through an emotion thing. Your seen by millions and you go on tour and sings to large crowds, but after that and you come back home, you have to do it for yourself from that point.  You have to Hit the ground running because no one does it for you after that.  My family was there during those low times, when i was like what am i gonna do now? I’m the baby of the family so I’m sheltered hence my name “Baby V” but yes I’m all about my family.

BE MAG: Since your so busy at times, how do you find that balance to spend time with family?

Vonzell: Yes its very demanding. I love the lifestyle of the business i’ always been a person with a lot going on. Even as a kid i did vocal lessons, and softball and martial arts and basketball. I was all over the place! My parents would always say ” let us know if you need a break” and i was like no I’m OK *LOL . It got to the point where my parents had to clean my room and stuff cause ii was never home. I just came back from China promoting my project “true. But when i came home i was like yo i haven’t seen my family in soooo long i didn’t realize it had been over a year. and i had to make time now for them. I was so busy last year writing for my project and recording. I wrote a song for the OMG Girlz “Gucci This, Gucci That”  which ended up being their first single.

BE MAG: WE LOVE THAT SONG!!! LOL sorry to interrupt but i had to share that…

Vonzell: SCREAMS! YAY!!!! Thank You. I love that song too. And i love OMG Girlz they are so cute and fresh and doing they thing. They took the song and even put they own flavor to it and i was like YES! Then i saw the video, my friends called me and was like GIRL your song on TV 106 n park and radio. It was amazing just to have them bring my song to life.

BE MAG: Now your have your EP “True Story” can you share with us about it some? Why did you title it ” True Story” and What we can expect to hear when we listen? Is it traditional R&B or more of your interpretation?

Vonzell: Um, well Like i told you my background everything from Hip Hop to Classical. My music is a mesh of so many things. Mainly R&B and soul and some hip hop influence. I love Hip Hop.So with “True Story” Its my take on R&B and soul but you will hear some Hip Hop Influence in there. Even my ballads when i go back and listen that’s when i notice all these influences spilling out through it. I’m like WOW. I just take everything I’ve gained over the years and put it in my music.

BE MAG:OK so with the process of Songwriting, do you find there is a level of vulnerability you can tap into? Is it like a therapy for you?

Vonzell: Writing has always been my therapy. And it still is. I write all the time, some things i write never even become songs though, you know. At least not right away. I write on my computer alot. The whole therapy of writing has helped me in so many ways. Alot of times when i write things from  personal experience, I’m always afraid to let people hear that stuff. Because it wasn’t meant for people to hear, but however some of the fan favorites from my EP were personal experiences. They could relate cause it was so real. The song “Dirtbag”  i wrote is a real situation i went through in my life. True Story was titled such cause i wrote those songs and they came from life experiences. So there you have it.

BE MAG: How you feel about social media?

Vonzell: I am a huge advocate of the Internet and social media. Being an independent artist we need those avenues to promote and show ourselves and let our fans know what we are doing. Giving them that small insight into our lives as well. People wanna know what we are doing. It can be too much at times! People can be negative and say things. I love it though. In this day and age we can make a living via the Internet.

BE MAG: You have your own record label?

Vonzell: Yeah my dad and i started the label in 2004 actually before i went on idol. I had to let it go for a minute though while i was on idol but afterwards we picked back up and its really just so i can legitimate release my music. i get people that ask “can you sign me to your label?” and i cant right now * chuckles, but i def want to get my stuff rolling first, then i can bring aboard other artists and get their dreams going.  

BE MAG: What is the biggest reward you get from singing career?

Vonzell: My biggest reward is hearing how my fans and supports tell me that things I’ve done to enhances their lives. Or how my music helped them through something. Like that type of thing! , for someone to tell me that , makes it WORTHWHILE! and the fact that i get to travel and get to do what i wanna do. Every Sunday i do U-Stream , I get to share my ideas and songs with fans and they tell me like “Girl that’s hot” or what they like and not . I love it.

BE MAG: What is your style? What trends do you like?

Vonzell: It depends! If i had my way it would be the HIGEST heels that i could find and wear everyday. But with traveling and stuff and touring your always on planes, I’m def a jean and track suit girl! OH YEAH they are comfortable . But usually on a regular day I’m in heels with some cute leggings. i grew up being a tomboy, so i didn’t really become a “girly” girl till right before idol. And when i got introduced to the finer things like 7 inch heel BABY! lol YESSSS that’s all i wanna wear.

BE MAG: Any advice you can offer to someone thinking about being in this business or about the business itself?

Vonzell: I would say stay focus! There is alot of HYPE. Even though its very cliche to say i would say never stop grinding, never give up!  A Lot of things like vh1 and shows like behind the music show the struggle, its not easy at all. If it was everyone would have it. When things are looking or coming together don’t get relaxed you have to keep pushing!

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