Waka Waka Waka: Why Waka Flocka’s Crunk Music is no Joke

The single greatest day on earth may BE the day Juaquin Malphurs and Jonathan Smith collaborate on a track. That day, the universe will align and Malpurs’ alter-ego Waka Flocka Flame‘s re-tooling of Lil Jon‘s crunk music invention would BE complete. While Waka’s debut Flockaveli may have endured much criticism for it’s lack of substance, some calling it a step backwards for rap, others realize that Flocka’s music uses the crunk recipe to create what many – especially youth – crave in their music: rebellion.

The bass heavy, ear-intimidating beats parallel the 6’7″+ frame of Waka himself. Art imitating life assuredly. Maybe too much imitation could be the case here. Flocka was just arrested and later released last week on $40,000 bond from charges including drug and weapons possession as well as criminal street gang activity and a probation violation after he turned himself in Monday to Henry County authorities.

Waka unfortunately is facing the same career assassination that fellow Georgians T.I. and Gucci Mane (who is also currently in rehab) know all too well. They run the risk of losing the attention of the mainstream media as people grow all too tired of hearing about “rappers in prison.” [Atlanta has a stake in these artists and it is my hope that the city positively encourages these young men to do better.]

After being around Waka on several occasions I cannot say I know him personally however what strikes me about Waka is that his presence and his music attracts a fan base that is very diverse. If Michael Phelps swims in 2011, he’s gonna BE listening to Waka. His Mizay Entertainment family have the potential to steer his career to superstardom. If he can get out of his own way Waka Flocka has the potential to have career longevity – the new Snoop Dogg.

But for now, we will just hope that once Flocka clears his head and is released from prison, that he will make a trip over to Lil Jon’s house.

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