Welcome to the GoodLife ft.Trudo and Frontstreet

Snap music pioneer, Frontstreet (formerly of D4L), and emerging artist Trudo have BEen elevating the rap game and are BEcoming two of the Souths most anticipated emerging talents. With new singles “Flexin” & “You Don’t Know Nothin Bout This” debuting at no. 6 on the Billboard Hip Hop and R&B Single charts, and constant spins by the Nations top DJs, Trudo & Frontstreet are taking the reigns of the rap industry.
BE : What is GoodLife Music Group and what does it represent?
Trudo:  GoodLife music group is a family. We want to bring back the old school days where we are a team; we work hard, we have each others backs and we stick together to create a movement, not only in music but a lifestyle movement.
FrontstreetThe GoodLife is basically living free, having family and friends to enjoy life with, traveling, seeing the world, BEing able to get the things that we may not have necessarily BEen able to have BEfore as a kid, and just making great music for any person to relate to.

BE: How did you two come together??

FrontStreet :We met through a mutual friend who pulled me into the GoodLife movement. Trudo was already apart of the movement and was already working on projects . We got in the studio and made a hit .
BE: How does it feel to BE apart of billboards TOP 10?
Frontstreet and Trudo : It’s a blessing. We are definitely humbled by it, but all we can say is it’s a blessing .
BE: So the song on the charts was major, where did the inspiration come from?
FrontStreet : The inspriation BEhind this was a collaboration of creative minds. Me, Trudo and Our Homeboy Mercy  went in the studio, let God in and the minds got to working.
BE: When is the project set to release?
FrontStreet: BEfore we release our individual projects, we have a GoodLife Compilation coming out. We have a lot of different artist under the GoodLife movement , so we are releasing the compilation to let the world know we are here to stay.
BE: What can we expect from this compilation project?
Trudo: Straight up greatness. We have plenty of music and we are here to stay for real. We went hard in the studio.
BE : What can we expect from Trudo and FrontStreet as well as the GoodLife movement ?
FrontStreet : All i can say is A body of classic work from me and from the whole GoodLife family; Me Trudo East Rome, Shan. We have people from different parts of the world  and different backgrounds coming together to do this collectively
Trudo and FrontStreet :BE yourself always, Always have faith and Always BE willing to fly. You always have to BE ready to let your wings spread and  stay humble .
BE on the lookout for great things from these two.  BE sure to get Trudo’s Mixtape  called “All gas NO breaks”  as well as FrontStreets Mixtape  entitled  “Undefeated” both releasing soon after the GoodLife compilation.
Connect with Trudo/Frontstreet sociallyt: @iamtrudot: @frontstree IG: @iamtrudo IG: @frontstree w: www.goodlifemg.com

Check out the official video for “You Don’t Know Nothing About This” on Worldstarhiphop.com:

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