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As a brand Sleep is 4 Suckers represents separation. Everyone has a movement but #Si4S takes it a step further BEyond it’s BEing and exposes you to a way of life. Sleep is 4 Suckers is more than a brand, it’s a philosophy. The Line started off as a way to inspire people to never stop striving for what they want in life. Some of the most successful people have lost sleep preparing and doing what they love. They didn’t stop when they reach the level they felt epitomized success.

Not only do the #SI4S clothes look great and make you feel good when you wear them, they make you think. Every desgin goes through a process and at the end, as they say ” Only the Strong Survive”. The desgins that provoke thought and inspire you to want to do more are clearly the winners. Success is a path, success is a mindset, and BEing apart of the “Sleepless Society” is a privilege. It catapults you into an elite group of people who grind, who know what struggle is, who know what success looks like, and will work day and night to get it.

Meet David Shands, Founder and CEO of #Sleepis4Suckers

David is a native of Willingboro, NJ and now resides in Atlanta, GA. Since childhood he realized his passion was “people” as he BEgan to dabble in the entrepreneurial arts. His backgrounds range from personal sales, network marketing, food service, and real estate all the way to the very doorstep of fashion industry. More recently he has BEen able to concentrate his efforts into creating the clothing line/brand known as Sleepis4suckers. With this brand he has BEen able to bridge the gap BEtween fashion and the art of branding, creating a unique, new age entrepreneur. Among his many talents lies the ability to bring the ideas of money management and financial literacy in a motivational speaking type of forum. David continues to use this platform to educate individuals by using himself as a road map to success. By showing the world how he went from working as a server at the Cheesecake Factory to a successful business owner, David continues to inspire the hearts and minds of those younger than him as well as ones BEyond his years.

“If you lose sleep doing what you Love, you’ll eventually live the dream that you only would have dreamt”. – David Shands

Check out  CEO/Founder David Shands as he speaks on Sleep is 4 Suckers 
YouTube: www.youtube.com/sleepis4suckershd
Twitter: @Sleepis4Suckers
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