West Ave

This group WEST AVE consists of the following members, Chaz Carter, Langston “Nells” Morris, Denedric “Nedric” McCullough. Hailing from Baltimore, MD these artists have shared the stage with Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, and more touring from DC to Los Angeles.

They are a 3-man group with a soulful twist of Jodeci and hip-hop legends “BBD”

These three singers at the tender ages of 17 to 19 both writing and producing their own songs. Stay Tuned.


BE Mag’s Dwight Holt Jr. got the chance to chill out with the fellas in Atlanta & get an EXCLUSIVE video interview of the fellas showcasing their skills. It takes a lot of courage and a certain bit of arrogance to take on a Michael Jackson classic like “Human Nature”…so you don’t want to miss this video as West Ave proves why they have both!

BE on the lookout for lots more from West Ave & BE Entertained Magazine; we love BEing premier in supporting new talent!

Follow the fellas on Twitter @My_WestAve

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