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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta:

Let’s BE real, everybody LOVES Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, if you say you otherwise…you’s a lie and ain’t no truth in ya! Look I understand that some might feel it makes black women look like a stereotype, but think of it like this, if you change the skin color of these women, would it make the show less ratchet…NO! All the ladies are BEautiful even though Joseline was questionable at first *gives side eye*. I actually saw Joseline without any make up on around Atlanta and to BE honest she is cute. So, word to the wise mamacita…fire whoever is BEating your face cause you know when the first episode aired that your jaw line looked too strong.

On another note everybody has something to say about Joseline; fact is, the girl got issues, but we all do, LEAVE THAT H*E ALONE! We’re so focused on Joseline and Steebie J that we let this other slut bucket slip through our radar. Can somebody please give this old h*e Karlie Redd a record deal so her a** can stop sloring her way to the top! For real h*e…Roscoe Dash though?!?!?! BEnzino didn’t give her a reason to slow down either with his cry baby a**, boy if you don’t MAN UP I know something! Did y’all think I forgot to talk about this K.Michelle character…Lets BE real! I love K.Michelle, but she is really doing the most on this whole domestic violence story. She says she has evidence BEeeeesh SHOW IT! I’m not saying your lying, baby lawd knows none of us were there, but if you are going to put yourself out there to the world and reveal such a personal moment in your life you had to know that there would BE spectators there to challenge you. BEeeeesh YOU KNOW WE NOSEY, SHOW THEM DAMN MESSAGES! However, one thing we cannot deny is this young ladies talent! She mayBE off the walls, but homegirl can SANG!

The only true women to show LOVE AND HIP HOP throughout the show are Rasheeda, Mimi and Erica. These females need to take some notes from Erica on how to BE lady like; you do not see Erica BEing bounced around in any of the foolishness on Love and Hip Hop. FYI Scrappy: she is the BEst you will ever get, you BEtter get right! Can you BElieve this dude tried it with BUCKEEY over Erica?! We’ve got to see the reunion to see if he comes to his senses since we all have heard about an infamous engagement! Rasheeda shows her struggle BEtween her home life and the love of her career, which if you are in the industry everyone knows all too well. We just wish somebody would’ve BEen in the studio with Rasheeda when she made MARRY ME so that they could’ve Tina Turner’d that H*E! We still love the Georgia Peach…she is very BEautiful inside and out. Unlike her co-star Steebie J who has gave his baby mama the platform to BE on television and look foolish, just no RESPECT! It is okay though, Mimi girl we understand your position, while most viewers sit back and judge Mimi BEcause of her relationship it would BE a lie to say that you, somebody you know, or somebody they know, have not gone through it. Mimi just so happens to have given her all to reality television, secretly she makes you insecure females feel not so alone huh? BUT DON’T GET IT TWISTED IT IS NOT OKAY TO BE A FOOL ALL YA LIFE!

At the end of an episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta we HATE to LOVE this show and we will all be TUNED IN for the REUNION next week. Mona Scott you have done your villain thing once again!

R&B Divas:

My BEautiful readers let me give you the scoop on the new show R&B DIVAS BEcause I know some of you are living on hard times and have had TV ONE snatched out your lives! BE MAG understands, so we are going to give it to you BE STYLE. BayBay if you have not seen this first episode of R&B DIVAS, I am here to tell you that you are missing out! Faith Evans showed her skills with this! Bringing Monifah back on the scene showing off her love for her WOMAN! Yes I said it WOMAN! Yes, Miss “Do Ya Really Wanna Touch It” is a lesbian and has now decided to share her love with all of you. Monifah you go girl we LOVE the gays, OWWWWEEEE! Follow Monifah with Nicci Gilbert! Y’all know Nicci of Brownstone! Her voice is like a powerhouse and this crazy lady does not want to sing! Lord why! Why would you bring us such a BEautiful magnificent voice just so it could BE taken for granted! Honey if my voice could do the things Nicci’s voice can instead of secretly writing for BE MAG, I’d BE outwardly on the cover of BE MAG!

Does everyone rememBEr Syleena Johnson… well GUESS WHAT she’s on the show too! FAYE did her thing SHO NUFF! Syleena reminds me of my auntie, she is going to BE real and tell you how she feels and if you are not agreeing with what she is saying you BEtter speak up BEcause she would.

Now what you have all BEen waiting to hear about is Miss KEKE WYATT! Can I BE honest? Keke is the ONLY reason I watch the show! She is EVERYTHING! In this first episode we watch Keke waddle around carrying her baby weight oh so well with her hubby alongside. When we say alongside BE means she might as well sew his body onto hers BEcause they are one!

This show has stolen my heart and I will BE tuned in every Monday @ 10 on TV ONE! Faye you definitely represented!

Mama Drama:


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