What You DON’T Know About Latisha “ReBEl” Robb

On the brink of the release of her sophomore book What You Don’t Know About Your Soul, rising author (along with a gang of other talents, passions, and life roles) Latisha Robb, aka “L.Robb” and/or “ReBEl Robb“, shares her triumphant rollercoaster ride of a journey in efforts to assist you in BEing the BEst YOU possible. Here are a few of her experiences that’ll surely open your mind & inspire you to bring forth the necessary changes to free your mind from second guessing and/or doubting your spirit.

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BE Magazine: Everyone has experienced life, most of which have unique stories full of BEautiful highs & piss poor lows, what made you want to put yours down on paper and share it with the world?

Latisha Robb: When I wrote my first book, I was hinting to the fact that my darkest hours is when I was searching so much for who I was, and I ran across so much literature and BEcame a self taught expert on metaphysics, quantum physics, reincarnation, and souls. So when I wrote my first book, I really wanted to say it then, but I didn’t feel like the evolutionary shift had happened, or that it was open enough for me to say all these things without seeming too crazy to all the masses. On the day that my first book released, my niece was tragically murdered and I felt God speaking to me saying it was time (on the same day I heard of my nieces murder), so I was just oBEdient to the Spirit and listened to God telling me it was time to put this down on paper and say what I needed to say to the world, BEcause the books both speak on how to deal with life and death and understand the challenges and issues you’re going through. This book is just going to open up so many doors in people’s minds BEcause it’s kind of piggybacking off of Turn On The Lights, when I say turn on the lights so you can see, compare it to walking up to a unlit house, you won’t explore it BEcause you’re afraid; but if you had a flashlight ,you’d BE in every nook and cranny looking around BEcause you can see. So if the lights were on about your soul, you would see all the things that have put your soul into all of these situations.

BE: With 2016 almost 30 days in, what were your New Year Resolutions?

LR: I have 10 blessings for others, since I don’t do resolutions BEcause they’re mostly egotistical, but I’ll share my 10 blessings for others.

1) Helping Veterans (housing, emotional support, clothing).

2) Involve like-minded brands.

3) Soul Teaching.

4) Write more books and share more knowledge.

5) Support good-hearted people.

6) Praying for others.

7) Smile more.

8) Rub off on others.

9) Continue to empower my children.

10) Honor my parents.

BE: With the seeds you have planted for your career as an author , motivational speaker, and life coach, where do you see those seeds taking you in the long run?

LR: I want to end up BEing on the caliber of Oprah and Maya Angelou, who were these BEacons of light to the black community, and even the world, & who both started out with hard BEginnings. However, that’s the earthly Latisha, that a lot of people don’t see. My life’s story, I see that BEing a blockbuster movie. I’m going to BE in such a high place, where people see me as a Godly light, and it’s going to BE imperative that they see how I started, to hear the gangster stories and unBElievable things that have happened. That’s what I see happening. As well as What You Don’t Know About Your Soul  has 2 more editions. I had to first get people acclimated to the subject matter and allow them to grow with me. I am working on an adaptation of  Turn On The Light’s So You Can See, as I have added some more light switches as I’ve reached different levels in life, and possibly a three part autobiography coming too.

BE sure to check out the full Latisha Robb story very soon on BE Magazine. Until then, you can stay connected with Latisha “ReBEl” Robb by visiting www.LatishaRobb.com

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